Google Pirate update

Google designed Pirate update in order to combat sites which were promoting pirated stuff, mostly movies. The update was launched in 2012 and Google penalized many sites that have copyright materials. But this did not end there; after the update we’ve seen the emergence of many new and less significant sites that spread all over […]

beat your competitors in SEO

If you are good at anything you want to be the best and on the top. This phenomenon applies everywhere including our rapidly evolving internet world. You put all the efforts in making your websites perfect and highly ranked. But this does not stop here; it is a continuous effort thanks to the tough competition […]


Google is continuing their efforts to cut down spamming and improve search results by eliminating or penalizing links that appears to be ‘poor’ as per their webmaster guidelines. With Penguin 3.0 rollout started on October 17 and still in process, no one knows exactly what percentage of search queries has been and will be affected. […]