10 Fantastic Online Reputation Management Tools

The success of online reputation management process mainly depends on a proactive monitoring process as its effectiveness depends on in-time responses which again depend on proper placement of proactive monitoring system. Though continuous monitoring is required for proactive monitoring but manual monitoring may not be possible each time and for that reason an online reputation management tool becomes necessary to be applied. Some of the fantastic online reputation management tools are provided in this article for your guidance.



This tool can help you in monitoring all the tweets about you, your company or products on twitter along with regular emails and other updates made by people on your website or Blog. You can choose this tool on the basis of responses expected by you as you can receive upto 200 alerts with premium TweetBeep.


This monitoring tool allows you to monitor the responses along with engagements with your audiences across various platforms on social media networks. This tool allows you to measure the popularity of your brand on the basis of social media conversations going on about it in a specific region or all over the world. Being a paid tool, it is perfect for large business houses.

Google Alerts

It is one of the best tools that can be used to monitor the results at Google. You have to set keywords only after creating an account to get recent updates of Google results through email. The high speed indexation process provided by Google Caffeine enables this tool to provide update immediately as any comment is published on you or your company’s Blog.

Google Blog Search

You can also monitor blogosphere with the help of another monitoring tool provided by Google, Google Blog Search. You can sear all the positive and negative blogs written about you by searching your keyword through this tool.

Scout Labs

This monitoring tool is provided by lithium.com that helps in priority wise monitoring aggregate massages received through various social networking sites including facebook, twitter etc. through its single streamlined interface. Its single interface allows you to respond millions of messages at a time.

Tweet Deck

This twitter management tool allows you to monitor and mange various twitter accounts from one platform. You can track all the messages by setting your keyword according to your brand or company. This monitoring tool is simple and easily usable even by small business houses as it can be downloaded free of cost.


You can assess your influence among peers of your trade through this monitoring tool by making a survey on the basis of a questionnaire. You can also measure your popularity in social circles on the basis of RepScores provided by this tool by calculating the likes and dislikes of people who frequently meet you.

Social Mention

This reputation monitoring tool works like Google alert but only on social networks. Various social platforms can be monitored through this tool including blogs, micro blogs, photo sharing, social networks, news sites, book marking sites, video sites, slide sharing sites etc. The best thing with this tool is that it can be used to monitor as many social sites as you wish without any obligation.

Board Tracker

Various forum threads and discussion boards can be monitored through this fantastic tool. You can actually monitor more than 2 billion forums and discussion ports and boards described on your site only by setting keywords to your site Blog. Advanced alerts and tracking options are also offered by this tool.


You can easily track all time results with the help of this reputation management tool. The results can be arranged language wise after filtering them through this tool. The number of emails and mentions happening daily are displayed on Topsy.com.

Thus, the increasing importance of online personal branding had popularized various fantastic online reputation management tools which had popularized even the non-celebrity people or companies on the basis of the information collected social engines or social media networks.