10 Tricks to Increase Your Blog Popularity

So, you’ve decided to start a blog. Certainly, you want to increase its traffic as soon as possible and make many people read it. It means that you should avoid all common mistakes every blogger can make when it comes to your blog’s content. How to work with a content right? What are do’s and dont’s of your content writing? There are 10 tricks to try that can fully answer all these questions.

tips to increase blog popularity

Publish Your Posts As Often As Possible

It doesn’t mean that you should write 20 posts a day. But many bloggers usually publish 1-2 posts per month, and no one still knows about their blogs’ existence as a result. Good traffic depends on your posts’ number, so don’t be lazy and don’t forget to post some new articles to your blog regularly.

Don’t Publish Your Posts Too Often

Yes, it sounds a little bit strange after the previous trick, but it’s true. People don’t need reading you 20 times a day. They don’t have time and interest to read so much information at once even if your articles are of a good quality and they are very informative. One really good publication per day will be quite enough for your blog to stay interesting. The main point here is to determine the right frequency.

Don’t Write Too Long Texts

The ideal length of one post would be 200-400 words. We all know that people don’t like reading long texts on the Internet. If you have much information to tell your readers, think about dividing it into several posts. Your post will be better to read if you use different subtitles, tables or lists in it.

Motivate People to Read Your Post

That’s not very good for your blog’s traffic if readers don’t comment on its posts, don’t share its articles in their social networks and don’t wanna tell their friends about the information they’ve read in your posts. The best way to motivate them is to use questions, tell about some controversial facts that can cause discussions, make people think of the info you give and motivate them to share their own opinions concerning the topic.

Take Part in Conversation

To post an article is not enough. If you don’t take part in discussion and don’t reply your reader’s comments, it looks like a party where you say hello to your guests and then suddenly disappear. It’s not very polite, is it? The same situation is with your blog: people wanna take part in its discussion, ask some questions about the info given… You are the author, so it’s you who can help them find all answers and wanna read your blog again.

Make Your Content Open

Today people read much of course but they do it in a little bit different way. They just scan information trying to find some moments that interest them most. Pay attention to this fact and try to build your post in a way that will be the easiest of access for your readers.

Use Catchy Titles

As a rule, 8 out of 10 people read your title but only 2 of them continue reading a post itself after that. It means that the title of your post is the most important thing you write. Be sure that it sounds catchy for your readers and motivates them to start reading the post itself.

Pay Attention to the 1st Paragraph of Your Post

This very part of your text is really important! If you weren’t lucky to create a catchy title, the big chances are that a person will read the 1st paragraph at least. Don’t lose this opportunity and motivate this person to read your post till the very end. Tell an interesting story, share your own experience, promise some curious things etc. It will grab your reader attention.

Follow the Topic Chosen

If your blog is about innovative technologies or gadgets for example, readers will be confused to see a post about cooking or pictures of your cat there. Don’t forget about the topic, because it helps to generate traffic as well.

Don’t Start a Blog about Yourself

Yes, you can be a very interesting and creative human being of course, but your readers are not interested much in your cool personality. They are usually interested in themselves only, and they wanna find the information that is interesting for them first of all. Well, maybe some stories of your life could teach them a lesson, but always ask yourself which useful things or moments your readers would take from the material you give them.

  • Nirmala Santhakumar

    Nice n effective tips to make a blog popular! Thanks for sharing it!

  • Very nice tips. I already post many article but those are not get popular. But now i got some idea for that problem. Thanks for sharing great article…….

  • Shah

    Thanks Harish and Nirmala!

    We would try to provide more quality posts to have a better blogging experience online.

  • shubham

    Excellent tips !!!

  • yasir mehmood
  • Hi Shah,
    You are right here. Title is the key to attract readers. However, 200 words is too less is it not better from 300 to 1000 words? Just few days ago I ask this question in a popular forum and there most of people reply me it’s better to write 300-1000 words article. Thank you.