12 Simple Tips to Boost Your Blog Traffic

Traffic can be considered as the single most essential parameter to decipher the success of your blog. Most of the bloggers create a blog with a sole aim of being read. This can be fulfilled only if your blog is easily found out by as large number of people as possible.

tips to boost blog traffic

Here are the simple Tips to boost your blog traffic practically:

1. Selecting Niche & Domain Name

At the very beginning of your blogging venture, it is necessary that you clearly spell out your niche and buy a domain name that is relevant to the niche you have selected. The selected niche should be about something that you specialize in and will be able to generate quality content on. Without a clearly defined niche, it will be difficult to focus your energies on producing quality content, which will subsequently hamper your prospects of getting good traffic.

2. Participate in Related Forums

Forums are an amazing way to attract traffic. You can find thousands of forums on the net. All you need to do is find the forum of your niche and have an active participation in them. By ensuring that you have participated in the right forum, you ensure that you are hitting the right audience.

It is recommended that you use unique profile name and user name and mention information about you and your address. For more exposure, connect your social media profiles. Do not forget to mention your website URL to enable other members of the forum reach you.

3. Choose a Catchy and Descriptive Title

The title of your blog works like the label of a package and it reveals to a great extent what is inside the package. Users and search engines determine what your blog is about from the title that you provide. Make sure your title is catchy, attractive, short and not similar to other competitors of yours.

4. Make Your Site Easy to Use

A good website design cannot compensate for bad content but a bad design can surely keep readers at bay. To avoid this, make sure your blog is easy to read and its features are easily found. Find out a few friends who can give you an honest opinion about the user friendliness of your website and problems that they came across while using it.

Your autonomy over the design of the blog might be restricted but it is advisable to take time and learn customizing the site and making it as user friendly as possible.

5. Name Images with Descriptions

Make sure you rename the images that you upload to your blog. It is important because if uploaded images from your camera are named as IMG_135.jpg, there is no likelihood that a person will be searching anything on the internet with this name. However, if you rename the image with a descriptive title, then people looking for similar images will land up on your site.

6. Ask for Link Exchanges

Look for websites and blogs that offer same material as your blog and exchange links with them. You put links to their website and in turn, they shall put your link on theirs. However, double check the legitimacy of these sites before exchanging links to obviate the possibility of falling for a spam. You can also exchange links with friends but make sure that their target audience is the same as yours and that their readers will be interested in your content too.

7. Make Sure Permalinks and Post Titles are Keyword Rich

Majority of search engines pick up only the first 60 characters be it letters, numbers or symbols, hence you may wish to confine your title to that length. It is also recommended that you give a clever and catchy name to the post that is concise and specific. Also, try to make your title rich in keyword as it makes the permalink also, i.e. the URL linking your post, rich in keyword.

 8. Submit Your Blog Site in Social Bookmarking Sites

There are social bookmarking sites that catalog blogs and websites submitted to them. Ask your friends who use these bookmarking sites and are regular readers to bookmark your blog and thus make your blog visible to a larger audience.

9. Blogwalk

Blogwalking is a practice of visiting other blogs that you enjoy. A blogwalker visits one blog after the other following links from each blog visited. Many blogs allow visitor to submit a website in their comments. Hence, you create links to your website while blogwalking and reading articles that you like.

10. Post on Hot or Popular Topics

Write on something that is making news in the circle of your niche. Write about events related to your niche that are the talk of the town. Using controversial topics is another trick to attract attention provided you have weighed the pros and cons of this strategy that might affect the popularity of your blog.

11. Give Categories and Tags Wisely

All of us know how much the search engines prefer new and unique content. Also this unique content improves ranking of a blog on the search engines. When you assign categories, they create additional blog ‘slugs’ (URLs) for a particular category and subsequently when you post something in that tag or category, search engines identify it as new content and thus it enhances your blogs authority.

It is suggested to limit the number of tags to less than 25 so that you can constantly manufacture unique content in them. There is no upper limit to the number of categories but it is advisable to limit their number to such a value that you have 10 or more posts in each and that they continuously receive new content.

12. Add a Sitemap

Usability of the content that you have provided is of importance but what is more important is that the readers reach that usable content. It is therefore recommended that you install a sitemap plug-in to your site. You may already have an archive sidebar but all that it tells is the number of posts you have created in the month.

Blog readers need to be directed and guided towards your content. A sitemap is the index of your site that displays contents of the site in logical order to make it easier to navigate. With an integrated sitemap, even search engines can come up to the content faster and it becomes a win-win situation for everyone.

These simple but effective tips to generate more traffic for your blog are sure to benefit the popularity of your blog if implemented in letter and spirit.