15 Social Media Collaboration Tools to Ensure Productivity

Gone are the days when productivity from the employees were squeezed through diligent dispersion of encouragement and through constant motivation meted out to them by the head of the organization. Now everything is Online! If you want to give your business more prominence and want to practice more dominance in the market, it is imperative that you should have a strong collaboration in the Social Media. Social Media is not only about meaningful conversations, it is also about developing a strong workforce online so that you can get most out of social media activities.

best Social Media Collaboration Tools

Today the relationship between social media and SEO has gained a lot of popularity that is the very reason for an ample amount of company executives and business innovators out there in the market to increase the productivity and the efficiency of the workforce. Not only will these Social Media collaboration tools enable you to successfully manage the work inside your office, it will also pave the way for a smoother and a complex-free work environment in the office; initiating an effective comprehension of a particular issue just by seating everyone at their desks.

Below listed are 15 efficient and effective Social Media Collaboration tools which will greatly assist you in making waves in the market with the least probability of facing issues.

1. Adobe Acrobat

Through Adobe Acrobat, teams would be able to process the work collaboratively as they will be able to share numerous documents through their web browsers. Web conferencing and screen sharing are two features which will effectively pave the way for a better communication between different teams collaborating together in the company to market your brand using social media effectively.

2. Atlassian Confluence

A good facet about Atlassion Confluence is that it offers enterprises different solutions for their problems through wikis. All the contents which are to be shared can directly be dragged and dropped from the desktop to the platform enabling all the individuals in the team to share work proficiently without having to find and click attachments all the time.

3. Basecamp

Basecamp is an efficient Social Media Collaboration tool through which various projects can be easily managed and the deadlines and the milestones of the respective projects can be meticulously traced upon. It updates all the work to the team in a particular project and shares the attached files alongside.

4. Chatter

Chatter is a free tool for existing customers and it is provided by salesforce. What it does is it allows the employees to directly share projects and indulge in conversation about the project via browsers, mobile devices and desktops.

5. Google Documents

Because of the feature of simultaneous editing of files, Google Docs becomes the typical choice for students and other employees who are casually collaborative. The latest updates in the Google Docs permits more security preferences for businesses that are prominently using Google Documents.

6. Huddle

Huddle is a convenient Social Media tool which, like all the other tools that have been specified, offers convenient management of different projects and makes it more easier for the employees to proficiently share their updates of the projects and invite more people into the groups.

7. Sharepoint

It is apparent that wikis and work flows ensure a more collaborative work for all the employees that are in the group. So Sharepoint provides a single platform for all the employees to successfully accomplish that. Also the personal profile of the employees effectively makes a strong impression on everybody that is in the team.

8. Socialcast

Socialcast allows employees to discuss about the projects through microblogging services which mean that the information can effectively be shared via a Smartphone. Socialcast’s The Town Hall extension incites convenient discussions between employees and the executives of the enterprise.

9. Socialtext

The interface of Socialtext resembles that of the interface of Facebook and comparatively ensures a hike in the productivity of the organization by 20 percent, which is a bold statement.

10. Tibbr

A special feature about Tibbr is that it offers the ability to the employees to diligently follow subjects and keeps them adequately informed about the new developments and progresses inside the company.

11. Wiggio

Wiggio users will see that they can keep track of various groups efficiently and the collaborative experience and the sharing of important files amongst different teams will be much smoother for them.

12. Yammer

Yammer is a proficient and an innovative Social Media Collaboration tool which enables companies to build their own private social network which will only be accessible when logged in with the email address provided by the company.

13. Zoho

Whether it is the sharing of information or documents between individuals, groups or different enterprises, Zoho effectively makes you accomplish it all and lets you keep track of the progress of the project or conversation expediently.

14. Podio

Because you have the sole responsibility of constructing the whole façade of the project yourself, Podio is a radical collaboration tool for your company if you opt for it.

15. Teamlab

As it can be derived from the word itself, Teamlab is a Social Media Collaborative tool which enables you to successfully share the progress about the projects and keep your teammates updated with the latest developments.

It can be concluded after taking a gander at all these tools available in the market that collaboration is really a strong word for the company in order to boost brand awareness through social media. When you procure the service of these tools, approach each of them tentatively and conclude your decisions on what you actually require and the size of your teams and the projects at hand.

  • Thanks for the list. I have used few of the tools mentioned above while working on various projects with various clients, I found few other tools like HighQ and Loomideck equally interesting, productive and easy to use.

  • Sushma Gupta

    Introduction was really very nice to read, And, after the introduction, the 15 points are also really very meaningful and very important for me. Thanks a lot for sharing.


  • Anais Lemarchal

    Nice list but my additions into this list are proofhub.com, asana.com, trello.com. Hope you will add these as well to make your list more productive.