19 Best Tools to Check Website Performance and Speed

Every webmaster should be careful and curious about the performance and speed of his site in order to take it to desired ranking. Internet has facilitated this process by offering several tools to check the site performance and speed accurately. As we can’t recommend a single tool to determine the performance of your site so we have discussed 19 best tools to check website performance and speed. Let’s have a look.

tools to check website performance and speed

1- Page Speed Online

Now a day, we have a wide range of web based adaptations; page speed online by Google is one of them. Web development browser extension is one of the famous Google Chrome applications and page speed online is adapted from that. This is a useful web based tool, which evaluates the performance of your website by using the Web Performance Best Practices. We can use the same tool for evaluating the performance of mobile gadgets.

2- Browser Mob

BrowserMob has introduced a tool for testing the speed of website and it is available for free. BrowserMob is a well known company that offers various services like website monitoring service. It provides a lot of information, things like average load time for your website can be easily accessed with this tool. It enables you to check the performance of your website from different locations, which offers you a global perspective.

3- Which Loads Faster?

This tool is used for comparing two different websites, in terms of their loading time. For instance, you can compare the loading speed of Google and Bing and find out that which loads faster. This tool can help you to compare your website with other competitors and you can take steps to improve the performance of your website. This too is an open source gadget and the basic aim was to enhance the significance of performance of web.

4- Webpage Analyzer

The earliest version of this web tool was released in 2003 and that is the reason, we can call it one of the oldest web tools. This is also used for analyzing the speed of a web page, but it’s really simple as compared to other similar tools. It provides valuable information regarding loading timing, size of your web page etc. Moreover, it gives you suggestions that how you can improve your website.

5- Show Slow

You might be familiar with the application show Slow, which is a server application. This is the version of same application, but its web based. You can add the URL of your website and the application will evaluate it against three different testing tools, YSlow, DynaTrace and Page Speed, however, you need to register to get this application.

6- Load Impact

This tool is used to check the traffic handling ability of a website. It is an online tool and available for free, for its users. This tool displays all the acquired data about your website in the form of graphs. Parameters like loading time for user can be easily understood by using this tool. It can also show that performance of your website on per second bases.

7- Gtmetrix

Two famous tools, which are used to check the performance of your website, are combined here and that is Page speed and Yslow. This tool also gives recommendations, which are quite helpful to improve the performance of your website. Both, Google and Yslow run better on Firefox, yet you can use them on other browsers as well.

8- Gomez

Another testing tool, but it tests the performance of a single web page, instead of whole website. The performance is tested from an external node point.

9- WebToolHub

This tool helps you to understand that how the internet speeds of different users affect the loading speed of your page. WebtoolHub provides data about the size of page and loading time with different internet speed. You can also get information about images and CSS that are present on your web page. In short, it provides you all the information you is required to evaluate the speed of a website.

10- IWebTool

If you want to compare different pages, IWebTool is the right choice; It will help you to compare ten page, instantly. It is easy to use and with a click you can test homepage time, categories loading time and loading time for posts as well. Just write the address of your page in the provided text box. You have the facility to check the speed of ten different pages. Just enter the first address and click “Enter”, now you can enter new address in next available space and in the end press “check”.

11- SearchMetrics

This tool is used to show the duration for a website. The same value is useful to show the how long it takes to load and either you should go for the optimization of the website or changing slow ISP will be a good choice. You can visit it at http://www.searchmetrics.com/en/.

12- Pylot

Pylot is another tool, which is used to check the performance of the web service. HTTP test is used to plan the capacity of the website and it can also be used for analysis, and tuning of system.

13- YSlow

This tool helps to improve the performance of the website and it uses the high performance rules as guidance. The ranking of a web page is done according to the three rules, which are already decided. You can also decide your own rules. You can also get recommendations to enhance the performance of the web page.

14- Multi-Mechanize

This is not a tool rather a framework, to check the performance of a website. You can check not just the website but web pages as well. You can use Python scripts to check the performance.

15- Zoompf

This is another web based tool, which checks the performance of the web page and collects data by running a scan. Just verify your email id and start using this tool.

16- Site Speed Checker

Ping domain tester shows various details like the time when a remote host sends a control packet and how quickly a web page receive that. If packets lose value is high it shows that performance of connection is slow. On the other hand, if response time is good, it indicates good performance. Site speed checker indicates the duration of a specific website. The same value can be used for to determine the loading time for a website.

17- Free Website Speed Checker

Your website is fast? This tool can help you to find out. You can also run a comparison test to check the performance of your website and that of your rivals. According to a survey, if your page fails to load with 5 to 8 seconds, you will lose 1 visitor, out of three. Hence, if your website takes more time to load, you have to consider the design of your website again or try another server, which is fast.

18- Internet Supervision

You will not get detailed profile but it uses different sources to give you load time for a website. It monitors the performance, content and availability of your site. You can have free account here.

19- Uptrends

This is a comprehensive testing tool to check the performance of the website. You can not only check the load time but speed of an HTML page as well. Things like images, CSS style sheets and RSS feeds are also a part of this analysis. Uptrend analyzes the complete page by downloading all images and other objects present on that that. Then it evaluates the load time for each of them. It will help you to find out, which are the objects that are responsible for slowing down your page. Hence, you can make due changes in your website. Time bars shows the loading time for each object, so you can easily understand the effect of each object on the performance of your website.