3 Common SEO Errors Which Can Make Google Unfriendly to Your Site?

Webmasters often ask why their site is not getting the desired ranking in search engines and why google is behaving so unfriendly to them while they are doing everything they can do to get it. The reason is some common and simple SEO errors they commit intentionally or unintentionally which turns google and other search engines against their sites. So we decided to mention 3 common SEO errors which can cause such undesired scenario every webmaster wants to avoid. Just have a look at them:

1- Using Too Many Keywords Leads to Cloaking 

If you fill up your pages with too many keywords it can lead to “cloak” pages that are certainly not desirable. If the pages are irrelevant and not intended for the visitor then Google will dismiss your pages as deceptive ones. In the long run you will suffer a great deal and your site may be ignored.

2- Using Quick Link Building Schemes to Get Higher Ranking  

Don’t go by any search engine optimization program that promises great results, their means might not be legitimate. Any good consulting firm would guarantee an improved ranking but not miraculous results. If a firm is using deceptive means to gain higher ranking for your website it will do more harm than good to you and your business concern. You can be banned if Google detects misconduct on your part. Fooling Google to acquire good ranking is the worst thing to do.

3- Using Images to Represent Certain Keywords

Avoid using images to show important names, links and contents. Crawlers are unable to read text in the graphics. If the main content or keyword cannot be formatted in HTML you can use ALT attributes. Therefore always use proper words for the ALT attribute as it is the only way crawlers can read the text behind the image.

These are simple things we often do either in carelessness or in an effort to get desired ranking quickly but it can turn the situation in opposite direction and can hurt the positive efforts as well so be careful in these things and stop using them if you are one already doing it.