3 Easy Ways to a More Appealing Twitter Profile

fter spending time learning about Twitter, you made the decision to use the platform to increase your relevancy in social conversations and build your reputation. You might have spent money on the learning part, and it is a given that you also spent a lot of time. It is therefore frustrating to find out that even after allocating various resources to the cultivation of a strong presence on Twitter; you still lack the necessary appeal to make you a thought leader. To assist you, here are 3 easy ways to a more appealing Twitter profile.

twitter profile tips

1. Build Associations with Other thought Leaders

An old adage says that birds of the same feather flock together and this concept is true both in its literal meaning and in depth agenda. When you get replies and mentions from people who matter in a particular industry, followers elevate your status and begin to trust your opinions. The fastest way to get more followers to retweet or mention your profile updates is to get ‘in bed’ (figuratively speaking), with other influential leaders in your field.

You can get the attention of influencers by pointing at things of their interested. If they find you interesting too, they will likely recommend you to their followers. You can use any leads you make with the influencers to get the attention of other influencers. If they agree to hold a conversation with you publicly, keep fueling it until they are able to call you out from a crowd. The best way to begin is by commenting on their updates with an honest remark.

2. Do Great Things Outside Twitter and Share Them on Your Profile

People turn to Twitter to know what’s happening. They want to know what is interesting and needs them to look at. For example, if there is an Olympic event or a Hurricane, people will turn to Twitter to get timely updates on what happens concerning those events. Attention does not only go to national events, it can be directed to an individual’s progress at an activity.

If you have an interesting or influential project or activity away from Twitter, keep sharing your progress on your updates and many people will find that appealing. For example, if you attend an event, tell others about it publicly on tweeter. If you can, please do this while the event is on progress. For example, you should send pictures of your travel vacation while you are at the vacation.

3. Follow More People Who are Appealing

If you follow a sizeable number of people who are appealing, you will understand their way of using Twitter and how it makes their profiles appealing. You can then practice the same techniques on your timeline and it will show on your profile. You will rate your appeal with the quality and quantity of feedback you get. It’s possible to buy Twitter followers to have a big audience for testing your techniques and get feedback from a wide pool of existing Twitter users. This option works well for people recently joined Twitter.

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  • Twitter is mighty tool , IF the user knows what he’s doing!

  • Shah

    Yes, it has great online marketing potential if utilized properly.