3 Eco Friendly Marketing Strategies for Modern Business

The question a lot of businesses may find themselves asking is:‘What are the real benefits of going green?’ There are endless benefits to making your ethos eco-friendly and this will have a domino effect on every segment of your business. You should even consider it in your marketing strategy. It is essential in the modern climate for a business to operate with the environment in mind, or you may find yourself alienating more people than you would think. Why should your business employ eco friendly marketing strategies? Here are 3 reasons:

eco-friendly marketing

Keep Current Customers

With issues such as global warming and recycling an increasing part of the social mores; people are finding it difficult to maintain a clean conscience if they choose to ignore what they can do for the good of the planet. There are constant reminders that the population should do their part to prevent and respect the damage that the human race is contributing to. Consumers are therefore reviewing the businesses and services they use and will no doubt look elsewhere if they think their policies can lead to what they believe is harmful. See how to market small business offline?

Attract New Customers

If there was any chance you were previously viewed as not eco-friendly, it could be one of your company’s best actions to show the public you are now making green steps. Any hesitant potential customers that may have opted to not use your business in the past; may be more inclined based to now simply based on the fact you are making a significant effort to make a difference. Companies such as McDonald’s have attracted a substantial amount of new customers this way, their public conjunction with PETA not only led to a significant amount of press coverage but also more people choosing to use their brand.

Save Your Business Money

The most easily measured difference going green could make, is to your accounts. Most steps will probably incur an initial cost, like the installation of solar panels, but the return on investment will outweigh this greatly in time. Such a major change may not be practical for every business but logically, a big step like installing solar panels, has saved large companies millions. DuPont cut its emissions and saved $3 billion over the past decade by using cleaner technologies to make chemicals and textiles. Even if a small business can save hundreds by using energy saving light bulbs, it is all going to be as relatively a sound investment.

The burning issue for those looking to go green is usually what is the most efficient way? The best way is in fact, as many ways as possible; the aforementioned energy saving light bulbs is just a starting point. If every sector of your business considers the small details, you can reap extensive financial reward. Here are a couple of measures you could take to begin your green journey.

Affiliate With Other Green Businesses

It will increase your profile as an eco-friendly business if you are seen to be working with other green companies. In America, the United States Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) is a stage for businesses from all over the country to communicate and work with each other. By joining organisations with similar concerns, you can use it as a marketing tool to promote yourself as a forward thinking company. List your status as a member on your marketing and press information.

Ensure Staff Are Working Towards Same Idea

To maintain a green image it is important that your staff do too, especially if your business includes a front of house team of staff. Set them green goals and make sure your businesses eco-friendly objectives are fully aware to everybody. They are the face of the company the best way to show your ethos to clients.

Buy Eco Friendly Products

If your company is operating in a way that is considered ‘green’ you should aim for your marketing strategy to convey it too.Once you have ensured your company is running as eco-friendly as possible, why not increase your chances further of attracting customers of this mind-set by offering eco-friendly promotional gifts? Giving a consumer something to keep, reminds them of your business each time they see it. You could even proudly state on the gift item how it was manufactured with a ‘green’ ethos – for the 2012 London Olympics, Coca-Cola sent thousands of promotional partners polo t-shirts with a simple logo and the statement “This t-shirt was made entirely from 5 recycled Coca-Cola bottles”.

In the current climate businesses maintaining a healthy reputation with the public is imperative. If your business is yet to make the eco-friendly steps it should have, or if it could do any more, then now is the time. Make your competitors green with envy at how publicly being eco-friendly can benefit you.