3 Social Media Strategies to Keep Google Satisfied

With the advent of the search engine optimization concept in Google ranking, the SEO workers are recognizing the importance of social media more seriously. Over the past few years there has been a gradual increase in SEO thirst in both, service providers and clients with strong emphasis on social media and content marketing. Your thoughts and views may vary according to your working situations but below I am going to describe the phases I have noticed over the time to make effective use of social media for SEO purposes. Let’s have a look over some effective Social Media Strategies:

Period 1: SEO with Social Platforms, Sharing Blogs and Widgets

Initially the SEO practitioners started their journeys by promoting their content on the potential channels by bookmarking and news services like Digg, Delicious, Reddit and StumbleUpon, through “power users” which made the content popular on homepage and thus received huge traffic. A rise in exposure leads to increased no. of links and subscribers.

Potential backlinks are created by bookmarking services and within social networking sites search engines which work as light signals for search engines and attract the traffic from potential sources. Some of those were made ‘no follow’ which only serve the purpose of forms filling and are only useful up to the directory submissions.

Blogs are a more useful ways to publish your content as compare to other CMS systems in terms of search engine requirements. And thus the potential benefits are obtained in terms of SEO terms such as the links developed, incoming traffic and ranking of the page or site.

Google and Social Media Strategies

Period 2: Social Media Optimization

Marketers are developing their profiles into more strong information channels such as social networks. This allows them to attract more potential links and traffic. They also utilize blogs as their medium to expse optimized contentto acquires links and traffic. Over the time the skill of content formats, types and writing headlines has gain appreciation for specific audience segments.

SEO trackers such as traffic, links and conversions are measures of success along with social KPIs like friends, followers and fans etc. and also the basic engagement matrices and interactions.

Period 3: Integration of SEO and Social media

During editorial planning of web the keyword research expertise Is need to b integrated. Therefore online marketers need to identify the importance SEO and to understand key to a social SEO strategy is content. The content marketing strategy is scheduled by the audience modeling. Social media trends and outcomes are to be kept in mind while content is planned for a certain segment of the community. Anyone carrying out the content writing should incorporate the skills such as: search and social keyword glossaries, social search and social networking into the plan.

SEO is based on relevance and authority. Relevance comes from the right keyword search and social topics representing public interests. The accessibility to the content is enhanced through social media optimization and keyword search. As the social network and interaction grows so does the content is promoted to attract the links, comments and shares. Google use these social signals along with other factors to make your product more visible.