4 Ways To Give SEO Updates And Progress Reports

SEO specialists and web masters are well aware of how it becomes difficult at times to deal with certain clients who are unaware of the SEO technicalities and need regular updates of what the progress is like. Come to think of it, it makes sense also, if clients were aware of the SEO details then in the first place the work would not have been outsourced. In order to develop a good, satisfied client portfolio that understands how SEO works and acknowledges the efforts and work done by specialists the need to develop good progress reports is essential. Here are a few tips of creating and maintaining good relationships with clients and reporting in a systematic manner-

ways to give seo updates

1) Summarize Reports and Provide Timely Updates

It is a great step if SEO specialists take the initiative and contact the clients before the client calls in and inquires updates. A bi monthly or weekly call can do wonders in developing and fostering a long term relationship. It shows that the specialist has been working on the client’s website and is proactive in communicating all small and major developments of the website. Quoting the latest strategies and making all work transparent makes it easier for the client to know how step by step the specialist is working towards achieving the targets. It also accounts on the time lapse and the situation of the client calling in and catching off guard for details go down.

2) Take Out Reports of Keyword Improvements

Before taking the order it is beneficial to track down where the website stood so that it is easier to benchmark and show how far the specialist has bought the website in a given time frame. Google Analytics enables time input and shows the exact increase or decrease of keyword search and landing of traffic over it. If keyword improvement is been shown continuously then it is not a tough task to convince the client that work is headed in the right direction. However, certain impatient clients do not satisfy with this only, it needs to be communicated clearly that the improvements come in gradually and no magic wand should be expected that changes key word improvement over night.

3) Design a Table of Other Mediums and Show Constant Feeds

It is important to show that what exact activities are being conducted in order to prove constant input in the websites progression. This includes social media activities; number of articles updated and posted blogs and paid advertisements on pay per click or other basis. Each medium has its own way of showing how many people visited the page, the number of shares or retweets or even the option of likes on the page. Certain software are now available that show fraudulent likes and shares but it is easily identifiable through installation of counterfeit software that show what posts and reposts were authentic.

4) Create Work Logs that can be Accessed as per Clients Desire

Maintaining work logs that have all daily work recorded and show exactly what the specialist is doing for the client is one other way of approaching critical clients who need updates on a regular basis. Experts recommend making events Google Analytics to show the constant work up graded and done to the clients. This along with traffic increase on the website mutually makes an impressive report. It is advised to keep all working as clear as possible to the client since the nature of SEO is such that immediate results and success is difficult to manage. Therefore, showing up all steps and its impact on the website occasionally is the best way to report progress.