43 jQuery Plugins for 2013

If you are searching for the best jQuery Plugins for 2013 then you have reached the right place as we have a great collection of jQuery plugins for designers and webmasters here. Check it out:

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FlareVideo is a small jQuery plugin that implements an HTML5 flash video player in your website. By default, it has three themes that can be quickly changed and supports MP4 and FLV files.

Acorn Media Player

This is another HTML5 flash video players that comes with one simple theme and support for MP4 and FLV video files. One of the interesting features of this player is the ability to show Captions.

Simple Audio Player

Simple Player is one of the most popular jQuery plugins because of its simplicity and efficiency. You can change its style via CSS, so it can quickly fit in your website’s design. Currently, it can play .OGG and .MP3 files.


Thanks to Isotope you can create a unique interface for your website or use it to create an image gallery. It allows you to create interfaces similar to the Start Screen of Windows 8.

Easy Paginate

This plugin allows you to create simple menus that can be used to browse through content or lists of products. It is easy to set-up and can be used to create a number of templates.


This is the plugin you want to use for your responsive design layout. It makes font-sizes more flexible and will significantly improve the performance and efficiency of your responsive layout.


Another great plugin when it comes to creating responsive design layouts. It is very simple and lightweight, and allows you to use control the width of embed videos from various websites.

jQuery Color Animation

This plugin allows you animate several CSS properties. Thanks to it, you can avoid using heavy and bulky animations for different text-effects and backgrounds.

Nivo Slider

This is one of the most popular slider plugins available, and it is also completely free. Thanks to Nivo Slider, you can add unique image transitions to your website and enhance its appearance. There are 16 transition effects implemented in Nivo Slider.

Supersized Full-Screen Background

This plugin can be either used to create a lightweight background for your website, or create a full-screen gallery that looks and feels great.

Easy Image Zoom

Easy Image Zoom is one of the best plugins you can find when it comes to zooming images. Once you install and set-up it, your users will be able to zoom images just by using their mouse to point the area they want zoomed.

My QR Code

Implement the popular QR Codes in your website. Thanks to this plugin you can create QR Codes that contain up to 4,096 letters. It is lightweight, simple to use and completely free.

Mosaic Sliding Boxes

This plugin can be used to create many things – grouping social media buttons, creating a sleek and modern looking gallery or even creating a navigation menu for your website. Thanks to its automatically generated sliding boxes, it has become one of the most popular jQuery plugins in recent months.

Zebra Dialog

Zebra Dialog can be used to replace the default “alert” and “confirmation” dialogues with custom ones. It is very lightweight and easy to set-up. Zebra Dialog is often used as a notification widget too.

Chosen – Select Box Plugin

Chosen is a great plugin that you can use for many things, but most webmasters use it to enhance the performance of select menus or search boxes. Basically, it allows the user to select several search criteria, but can be used for many other things too.


This is another lightweight and functional plugin used for zooming images. The zooming feature is very efficient, light, convenient and easy to use, so you can be sure that your visitors will love it.


Creating slide menus is exceptionally easy if you use this lightweight and free plugin. You can create continuous scrolls, numeric navigation menus and much more.

Totem Vertical Ticker

There are many vertical ticker plugins, but Totem offers something unique – simplicity, performance and convenience. Just apply this plugin to a list of menus and it’ll do the rest. Of course, you can also customize the style and structure of the list.

Facebook Wall

The plugin’s name explains what it does. Basically, it allows you to create a section in your website that will show the Facebook wall of the user viewing it.

Activity Indicator

This plugin us supported by all browsers that allows you to create responsive loading images or animations. It doesn’t need images, CSS code or expert knowledge – easy, light and efficient.

Slides JS

This is another slideshow plugin that can enhance the appearance of your gallery and help you display your images the right way. It is lightweight and easy to set-up, so it can be implemented in any website.


This plugin allows you to create custom dialog boxes for login, alerts, notifications, sign up menus, etc. It is lightweight, doesn’t require images or CSS and is the perfect choice for a responsive design layout.

jQuery Lifestream

This is one of the most interested jQuery plugins we have seen in recent months. It allows you to create a lifestream of your online activity and implement it in your website.

Javan jBar

A simple plugin, that allows you to create lightweight and stylish toolbars for your website. It is easy-to-use and customize.


If you want a simple jQuery slideshow plugin then CraftySlide may be the best choice for you. It is simple, lightweight, only has core features, and is easily customized according to your needs.


If you want to create a unique, stylish menu for your website then arbor.js will certainly grab your attention. This lightweight plugin can be used to create one of the most interesting menus I have ever seen.

Form Wizard

This plugin can be used to create forms containing several steps. However, the unique thing about this plugin is that it won’t reload the entire page for every part of the wizard.


Creating custom dropdown menus can sometimes be a very tedious task. Thanks to DropKick.js you can save a lot of time and quickly create the dropdown menus you need.


Thanks to this plugin you can quickly created stylish tooltip toolbars. Very lightweight and simple to use, this plugin gives you the flexibility you need.

Lazy Line Painter

Create line animations with this interesting plugin. Once you create some line art, you need to export it into a .svg file and let the plugin do the rest.


A basic and functional plugin which can be used to create good looking galleries or navigational menus. It offers few customization options.


Flot is a simple plugin that can be used to create plots. It is just 1Kb in size, so it is very lightweight and won’t affect your website’s performance.


Uploading files to websites that use this plugin is exceptionally easy. It adds support to drag’n’drop uploading, image previews and several other features.

jQuery Migrate

This plugin is usable with jQuery v1.9+ and its main purpose is to help you find old or removed features on your website.


This jQuery plugin allows you to include form validation in all forms on your website. It is very lightweight and easy to use.


A fancy UI toolkit that is very lightweight, but offers a wide range of features that will be appreciated by most webmasters.

Multi-item Slider

Improve your website’s appearance by implementing the Multi-item slider. It can organize lists in categories and significantly enhance user-experience. This plugin uses the latest CSS3 animations and jQuery functions.


If you want to implement a simple, functional and lightweight scrollbar in your website than perfect-scrollbar is the best choice for you. This plugin offers a few, but important options which make it one of the easiest and lightest scrollbar plugins.


Flipshow is an interesting slideshow plugin that prompts the user to flip an image in order to proceed. The plugin is very lightweight and simple to use.


Duplicate any elements on a web page without plagiarizing its source code or content. RoughDraft.js. This plugin is great for HTML mock-up and is also easy to use.

ParamQuery Grid

Thanks to this plugin you can create a spreadsheet similar to those created by Excel and Google Docs. It is the best solution if you want to create spreadsheets and grids for your website.

Image Picker

This plugin can be used to transform any element of your website into a simple and user-friendly graphical interface.


If your website has a lot of content and users often need to scroll to the bottom of the page, then this plugin can be used to create a convenient “Scroll to Top” button that instantly returns the user to the top of the page. This plugin is highly customizable.