5 Great Online Tools For Professional Marketers

Working as a professional marketer requires a dedication to the brand or business you are trying to grow. Learning all about target demographics and new tools available online will help you to gain a competitive edge when you are developing marketing campaigns or advertisements for individuals or businesses. Using online tools for professional marketers is essential to outshining competition and appealing to any intended target audience or demographic.

Site Analytics

Using website analytics is an ideal way to track page views, the number of visitors a website receives and the most popular content overall on a site. Using site analytics tools is possible with Google Analytics along with additional third-party services that provide insight into web traffic and the audience who is primarily visiting any site or blog you have launched. Marketing products, services and content online with site analytic tools allows you to keep focused on the most popular pages to help with creating even better marketing and advertising campaigns that are relevant to the business or industry you are trying to represent.

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Third-Party Advertising Services

Advertising online is another important key component to determining success when you are marketing any individual or brand online. Understanding the various advertising tools and third-party services that are available will help you to easily implement banner and text ads onto competing and similar websites or blogs to drive traffic and encourage potential sales or new clients.

SEO Tools

Implementing SEO is equally as important as advertising and creating successful marketing campaigns when you are working as a professional marketer for any individual or business entity. Understanding how to implement search engine optimization and the types of SEO tools and CMS (content management systems) that are available to help with boosting SEO for websites is a way to build and maintain a positive reputation and an online presence for any company or person. Using SEO tools helps to not only increase the visibility of a website’s URL within search engines such as Yahoo!, Google and Bing, but it also helps to provide credibility and a better reputation for businesses online.

Social Media

Using social media is one of the most important and powerful tools available to individuals, businesses and marketers alike. Social media allows you to save money on traditional advertising and marketing campaigns while having the ability to reach a much more extended audience and group of potentially interested consumers. When you use social media for marketing purposes, you are not restricted by region or traditional boundaries you may be faced with when implementing a local advertisement in print, radio or even on television. Social media is ideal for boosting one’s own professional image or the overall image and reputation of a business that is selling products, services or even producing content online with the use of a blog or website.

Keyword Trackers

When you want to work as a marketer, understanding how to track trends and specific keywords for individuals, businesses and entire brands is a must. Keyword trackers are available as tools and also as online websites that allow you to search for specific words or phrases that are relevant to the brand you are trying to grow. Using a keyword tracker is ideal whether you want to launch a personal blog or sell a specific product to any type of audience or demographic.