5 Less Common SEO Mistakes You Never Noticed

Less common seo mistakesIt is natural to make mistakes; even the best of the best can’t help it. No matter how hard you try, mistakes are compelled to happen, even in the advanced cyber world.

For link builders the most common mistakes are already spelled out such as over-optimized anchor text or link networks. But what is not noticed are the less common SEO mistakes they make, without realizing that their whole plan is been jeopardized because of it.

I have tried to point to few of such mistakes that really do hold the bigger picture. The top “less common” common mistake is NOT targeting the right people. Then most of you do not keep follow-ups of your client’s interest. Your ‘not very simple’ techniques and approach can also go wasted. Then the marketing part; if you do not promote your content you won’t be able to sell it. And lastly, paid promotions are not included in the plan, as if you’ve not heard that ‘money can buy anything’.

So, if any of you have noticed such mistakes in your plans, it’s better to avoid them. Read here more about it.