5 Proven On-Page SEO Techniques and Ideas for Improving Performance of a New Website

In the present world of Search Engine Optimization, there has been a lot of speculation as to which techniques really improve search engine ranking substantially, and provide long-lasting results. Broadly, Search Engine Optimization could be categorized into on-page, and off-page optimization, and with the advent of Google Panda updates, importance of on-page SEO has been realized by the webmasters.

In general, both forms of SEO work towards driving considerable amount of traffic to a website, and increase its reputation and visibility among the well-known search engines such as Google, Yahoo, and Bing etc.

All those who are fairly new to the field of SEO or even some of the experienced SEO individuals may sometimes find it confusing to figure out the standard regulations or parameters that should be followed in doing effective SEO. Presented below is a simple guide that will elaborate on top five proven on-page Search Engine Optimization techniques that are in general practiced by most of the SEO professionals all around the world. On-page optimization is very vital to achieve those greatly desirable top search engine rankings.

Here are 5 effective on-page SEO techniques, which could greatly aid you in your SEO campaign.

  • Name of the Domain – Retaining the most important keyword in the website domain name itself has been proved to provide some huge assistance to SEO. But, you should be extremely careful when choosing a domain name that has your major keyword as a part of it. Website owners should always bear audience in mind when choosing a domain name. If your keyword happened to be a long tail keyword something like “money making ideas for women”, then moneymakingideasforwomen.com wouldn’t really sound user friendly.

In this particular case, there are 2 choices namely using part of the keyword like moneymakingideas.com, or to make use of an entirely new domain name, or a made-up/false word as well. The website owners should make sure that the domain name shouldn’t sound spammy to their general audience. And, with the latest EMD (exact match domain) update, Google has stopped giving any advantage to domains containing the target keyword phrases, so don’t go gaga over keyword-rich domains anymore.

  • Keywords in the Webpage URL – Having your main keywords in the webpage’s URL (Universal Resource Locator) also has some great SEO importance, but it is quite distinct than using the keywords in the website domain name itself. Particularly, when the website owners wish to perform on-page optimization with a made-up domain name, retaining the major keyword in the URL proves to be very effective.
  • Content Freshness – In general, most of the search engines, Google in particular, really admire when a website is regularly adding fresh content to its inventory. Having fresh and genuine content on the webpagehelps your website in attracting their attention. In fact, nobody wishes to read old content that is written say 3 or 4 years before, so maintaining pace with the advancing trends, and constantly updating the website with new content proves very important to obtain good rankings.

  • Internal Linking – It has been proved time and again that internal linking is one among the fruitful on-page tactics that could produce some good results in quick time. For a small website with say some twenty plus web pages, the website owners can always have every webpage inter-linking to every other webpage on the website; however, it proves to be really disastrous in case of large websites with 50 plus inner pages. Proper attention should be given to anchor texts, while performing internal linking.
  • Meta Descriptions– A website’s Metatitle and description really has great traffic fetching potential, and hence it should be filled with appropriate description that includes the target keyword. However, search engines don’t focus solely on the Meta titles, and rank the web pages on their basis alone.

All the above-mentioned on-page SEO techniques have tremendous potential to bring about good search engine rankings, if utilized effectively.

Author Bio – Gareth Hoyle has been working as an SEO specialist for well over 7 years now. He runs two Internet marketing and SEO companies serving global clients, and assists young entrepreneurs in realizing their dreams too.

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