5 Simple Tips to Build Spider Friendly Website

Spider are also called as crawlers or bots. These are used by the search engine to get the relevant information, from appropriate websites as a large number of websites exist but all of them are not relevant. They make list of the words, which people want to find. The mission of these crawlers starts from the most popular websites. They keep on adding keywords in their lists as follows each link on the website. In similar fashion, they will find your website. Rules vary with each search engine but the basic process remains the same.

Here we have listed 5 things you need to do if you want to keep these spiders happy by making your site a spider friendly spot.

tips to build spider friendly site

1. Must have a Robots.txt File

Robots.text file is the first preference of spiders. Your website will be visible to the crawlers, if it has this file. Robots.text file is an enticement and it attracts spider to consider your website as a website. It provides information to visiting spiders. Every site should have this file in main directory so spiders can find it easily. It serves both purposes. One, it tells spiders which pages they don’t need to index and two, it acts as invitation to attract spiders towards your site. So even if you have blank site, do have this file there for spiders.

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2. Use Proper Titles, Keywords, Tags  

The next thing which spider visits is the head section. Crawlers will find your heading, titles and keywords. You should use descriptive keywords in titles and they should not be very long. The ideal length for a title is just 60 to 70 characters. Other than the title, Meta tag is also important as they will convey the message of your website to the spider. Meta description includes those few lines which are displayed on search engines, so they should have appropriate keywords.

3. Update Your Site Regularly with Quality Content

The next thing in line is the content of the website. In this regard, it is important that you add new content on your website many times in a week. In this case, a spider will visit your website quite often and you will get good ranking. Moreover, the keywords in the title should also be a part of the website message.

4. Site Map must be there with Text Links

Navigation is really easy for a spider, if a website has a site map. It will be easier for a crawler to index your website; however the map should have text links.

5. Build Quality and Relevant Backlinks

Spider thinks that backlinks are really important for a website. If you have good quality backlinks, the spider will rank your website higher. However, the links should be relevant and of good quality, otherwise they will destroy your reputation. Links for the sake of linking will harm your ranking badly.

So these were the simple tips to build spider friendly website you can apply to your website as well if you think that spiders are not doing good for your site at the moment.