5 Tips and Techniques for Link Building 2013

I am writing these link-building techniques based on several years of experience in the Search optimization field.  Believe it or not Google is getting more intelligent in every update that they release several times a year. With this, it is vitally important that web owners and marketers follow some key steps for link acquisition otherwise this will result in either blacklisting your site or under-performing in the Google results.

link building tips for 2013

The following tips are for webmasters to use as a guide for link building 2013.

5. Limit Directory Links

Whilst directory quality varies from site to site I would recommend on limiting the amount of time you spend trying to add your website to these lists. Obviously there a certain directories that are good value and worth being listed in but then there are others that do nothing but harm your backlink portfolio.   There are many lists of good directories online from reputable sources so do please look but please focus on other areas and not over do this technique.

4. Limit Blog Comments

As I am sure you will understand, most blogs are nofollow meaning that the links passed are not counted in the ranking algorithm. Whilst there are some good uses for having good, relevant, and well-written blog comments linking back to your site, it is best to limit this link-building method. See the relevance of blog commenting in 2013.

3. Increase Guest Blogging

2012 has seen the appearance of Google updates that have decreased the value of many links online. This has resulted in many sites dropping down the rankings overnight. The aim of guest blogging is to get your content and in particular backlink on an external site to your own.

The main tips are to ensure that the blog you are placing your link on is also a good authority site and if possible relevant to your backlink. Check out ways to gauge the strength of backlink.

In order to ensure you get the full value from your link it is important that your post adds value, is unique and is a minimum of 500 words.

From personal experience this is definitely one of the best methods of gaining backlinks to a particular site. By reaching out via social media and gaining links from other websites to your particular blog post this increases the value of the backlink.

2. Get Interesting Content on Site

Whilst most websites cannot have a blog, in order to be the expert in your field this is definitely recommend. By having a separate blog you can simply write unique in depth content that your site doesn’t contain and link back. By building up a portfolio of good blog posts about your chosen subject you can not only start ranking for more keywords but also become the expert and gain business that way.

1. ‘No Blackhat’ Techniques

Whilst sometimes it is good to follow the good tips when it comes to link acquisition it is also vitally important to follow instructions on how not to perform link building. Black hat techniques are defined as those techniques that are used normally to create massive amounts of irrelevant links in a very short time with little effort.

If and when Google discover your spam links the punishment ranges from devaluing the link value when they discover them enforce by de-indexing your website.

As a small business owner of Ticket Vago, I understand the necessity to be performing well on Internet search engines. The rankings are so important that all the income I receive depends fully on the rankings for keywords in Google.

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