5 Working Anchor Text Tips for 2013 Link Building

anchor text tips 2013

Today I have came across a great post about 5 solid anchor text tips for 2013 link building so I decided to share it with my visitors. In this post you will see why we should avoid excessive exact match keywords, increase using branded keywords, getting guest post link from relevant authority sites and also to improve overall SEO structure by eliminating low quality or bad links. Let’s start here! 

5 Working Anchor Text Tips for 2013 Link Building


  • RobertTReev

    This kind of information seems to be useful to the people who wanted to have a successful optimization activity. This is a very useful tip. Thanks for sharing.

  • CarlosSWagn

    To obtain your goal to get more index in Google with your seo campaign, it is really important that you will have to used the right anchor text you are going to promote which is very close ad relevant to the website you have.

  • Thanks for your lovely post, the contents are quiet interesting