7 Basic SEO Rules to be Followed to Get Desired Ranking

With the constant evolution of SEO as an industry and practice the sites are now becoming more dependent on the search engines which usually don’t pay heed to rank your site high unless you put something extra into it. The SEO tools and tactics are being replaced and updated constantly making it more and more challenging to work under the guidelines of search engines to achieve a reasonable ranking on the search engine. Despite so many rules being extinguished some of them are still the basic ones which are in continuous use. Some of the basic seo rules are here as follows:

1. Know the Target of Your Visitor

As the keywords play the most vital role in any SEO campaign. Therefore knowing what user require and how the search for it is very important while searching your keywords for SEO. Be very precise, specific and targeted while deciding on your keywords. This would let you hit the targeted audience which would actually turn out to be your potential customer. If you fail to recognize the target and psyche of the audience you may not hit the right audience you would lose many of your potential traffic and trade.

2. Content is the Energy for Your Site

Content is actually the energy you put on your page that derives the right customer and attracts them back on your page or site. So it needs to be written in human friendly way rather than search engine friendly way as it’s the customers who are going to read the content not the search engine. Just optimize it naturally for the search engine using the keywords to make the Google spiders know what your site or page is about.

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3. Don’t Hurry in Link Building

Google is well aware that it is dealing with black hat SEO techniques and it has its tactics to challenge them and it does not plan to lose. Therefore follow a diversified link building strategy that slowly gain links over the time. If you gather hundreds and thousands of links within few days that will alert Google about your site even if they are of excellent value so rushing may penalize you instead.

4. Formulate a Strategy

When you start off with your SEO you may use 100 Facebook accounts to promote your content but that wouldn’t actually help except building links. Therefore initiate your work strategically by determining your target audience and integrate the rules to hit the interested audience only to build up your reputation slowly. Rushing with so many promotions schemes and flooding the market with so much promotion content would only be useless and may get you in spamming.

5. SEO is Continuous Process

As internet is constantly growing and evolving so is the other process on it. Once you reach the 1st page or in top SEO ranking it is not necessary that you’ll be in the same position tomorrow or day after that. SEO is a continuous process which has to be updated continuously to meet with the fast pace requirements. Therefore you need to work on it continuously to attain a reasonable trust factor by the search engine. Once you are on top then leaving the work may lead you down in the list next week or month as per the changing trends on the search engine.

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6. Follow the Search Engine Rules

Search engines actually strive to please their customers if you do not co-operate it to do so the search engine would definitely not rank you well. Therefore it is essential for every site owner and marketer must read and follow the Google and Bing Webmaster guidelines and embed them in your SEO strategy. If something is considered as black hat by them do avoid that or else your site may be penalized.

7. Integration of Everything

SEO works best when it is incorporated in the mix instead of segregating the SEO team to the IT department. SEO works at its best when you integrate all other factors such as marketing and social media stuff into your SEO strategy therefore a fully interactive IT department would do the best to achieve good rank on the search engine.

The above rules are the basic ones besides many others to be followed when doing SEO of your site.