7 Mistakes Bloggers Should Avoid at Every Stage of Blogging Career

Unlike the other alternative methods for business advertising, SEO optimization gives you a great opportunity to choose your customers. This is very important for achieving some positive results and satisfying the needs of the average user.  It is one of the most efficient ways of popularizing small businesses and get into the big family, called the Internet. SEO optimization is a very affordable advertising method and if you are aware of some basic rules, it can be a piece of cake. However in the whole process of optimization there are some common mistakes bloggers should avoid. Here are some of them.

Your Home Page

Yes, this is your home page. But this doesn’t mean that you have to name it like that. Your home page has to point out the main keywords, which later will help you get the top positions in the search engines. For example, if you offer building materials and services, then the title has to be closely connected to these services and the keywords have to be the exact names of your products.

Once You’re Done It, You Simply Forget All ‘About’ It

SEO is something, which has to be constantly improved. Search engines’ algorithms change every day. And you cannot expect your competition to sit in front of the computer, with a cup of tea and wait for their traffic to get low. Even the keywords tend to change in time – a lot of new words and phrases find their way into language and people’s vocabulary. This automatically means that you will have to replace the old-fashioned ones and make them up-to-date. Also, if the entire policy of your company changes, don’t you think that your optimization has to be redirected too?

In this train of thought, you should definitely hire someone to track the traffic of your website and its SEO optimization. This includes analysis websites and other tracking tools, such as Google Webmaster Tolls. Surprisingly, many websites have never integrated an analysis software. Or at least not properly.  With such tools, the problems of your website, as well as the many potential missed opportunities can be identified quite easily.

Use ‘Click Here’ Wisely

Click here may seem a great call-to-action solution, since it tells your customers to click a certain link in order to move on. However, the situation with the search engines is a bit different. This does not give any essential information about the following content and the page that it refers to. If you really need to have such links in your website, try to avoid this expression. Instead of writing ‘Click here to see our latest summer collection’ you can write ‘Our latest collection’. This is far more appropriate.

‘I Want It All and I Want It Now’

This sounds pretty cool, when Queen sings it. But when it comes to SEO optimization you should know that it may take you some time to achieve some positive results. So you will have to be patient. Everyone, involved in the process of the SEO optimization of your website, has to be aware of this fact, not only the SEO specialists.

Copied Content is A Real Killer

This is one of the biggest mistakes that a web developer can ever make. Have you ever seen an article in the Internet, which has been published in at least five different websites? Yes, it may be informative, descriptive and well-written. But how is the first site (of these five that we mentioned) any different from the last one, since it offers the exact same information? So when you want to attract some more people to your website and get higher positions in the search engines, make sure that the content you offer is one-of-a-kind even the topics are not as important as the uniqueness of the different articles.

Missing the Perfect Keyword Density

Once you have pointed out your keywords, you will have to make sure that you use them often. Use these words every time they fit in the text. A great idea is to highlight or bold them, in order to make them noticeable. For any kind of post, 2%-4% keyword density is considered fine. So you need to keep this thing in mind as going beyond this range can reverse the effect and can lead towards a severe penalty from search engines.

Too Much Internal Linking

Internal linking is a great way to help and navigate visitors of your website. Such hyperlinks are very useful, since they help people find the information they want much easier and faster. However, don’t go too far. Try to limit yourself to 1-2 hyperlinks every 500 words. Search engines and, of course, your users, will appreciate this control.

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