Adobe Media Optimizer Support for Bing Product Ads

Adobe is currently trying to position their Marketing Cloud across different platforms, and the good news here comes from the fact it now has added support for Bing Product Ads. In that way many organizations all over the world will be able to place their ads in good positions on search engine result pages.

In case we’ve already caught your interest, you might want to know that the tool you need is called Adobe Media Optimizer. It will definitely help you generate ads and it sits within the Marketing Cloud. Moreover, Adobe Media Optimizer consists of 5 pieces that can be bought separately, or if you want – as a suite. The bad news, in case you represent an organization outside the US, you will not be able to use this service, but this problem will be fixed soon.

However, Bing Product Ads are a bit related to Google, and in case you are interested what the Media Optimizer offers, here it is;

  • Managing of promotion lines, Bing product Ads, Product Targets
  • Report and measure performance against ROI metrics
  • Optimize bids

One thing is sure. With the advent of technology, more and more organizations decided it is high time for them to pay serious attention to the so called social media marketing and combine it with search marketing. In that way they will be able to increase their profits via minor investments because they will be able to put ads of their products on nice banners right next to the search result pages. So see how you can boost your business using Adobe Media Optimizer effectively.