3 Advanced SEO Techniques To Skyrocket Your Search Ranking

According to the marketing firm B2B Marketing, Google is used for around 10.3 billion searches for every month. In the US, 78% of people use the web to dig deep into the details of products and services.

Once your webpage starts to appear in Google search, you’ll start to earn an increased amount of revenue. Both the SEO and the owner can be happy enough. If you’re expecting the same, then this guide is exclusively for you. The guide contains 3 advanced SEO techniques that you can implement to increase visitors, search traffic and conversion rate. 

3 Advanced SEO Techniques for Better Ranking and Better Conversion

  1. Audit Your Site Framework

Auditing your site framework helps you understand why you’re not getting the expected search traffic and sales. It is a growth hacking technique,which helps you attract and retain customers.

Steps in auditing site framework

Step 1: Visit QuickSprout or similar other sites. Enter your site URL and click the “Log in with Google” button.

Step 2: Analyze the search results of your site performance

Step 3:Analyze your page loading time, warningsgiven, and other feedbacksthat are pointed to improve your site performance

Thisis one of the suggestions you can consider:

Make sure your heading tag is between 15 and 65 characters. Optimizing the heading tag improves both clicks and traffic.

When you’re auditing your site framework, you can find other errors and suggestions on how to fix them.

  1. Data Research Via End User Value

Google ranking is driven by content and keywords. So make sure you’ve included trending keywords that what most people are talking about your industry. I prefer Quora to understand it. Below are some steps to get it done:

Step 1: Go to Quora. In the search box, type “mobile app development company in North Carolina” if it is your targeted keyword. Hit the “enter” button.

Step 2:Analyze the results that received most answers. Click on it and read the answers from users.

Step 3: Extract keywords that people used often to know about businesses like you.

Another way to find trending keywords

Step 1: Go to Ubersuggest.org. Input your keyword. For example, mobile app development companies in Atlanta. And click suggest.

Step: Pick suggested long-tail keywords. You may not find the kind of key phrases it provides in the Google AdWords Keyword Planner.

You can also find the same kind of user keywords on forum threads, LinkedIn groups or Facebook groups.

  1. Create Well Optimized Landing Pages

You should experiment (for a limited extent) with your landing page in regular intervals.Tweaking it lets you see variations in results. According to a recent research, 48% of marketers create a new landing page for their every marketing campaign. Having a separate landing page lets you well differentiate and analyze your marketing efforts. Dell has over 1000 landing pages. They found 300% increase in conversion rate with landing pages when they tested it against website pages.

How to optimize a landing page?

Pick a long-tail keyword and use it for your landing page. For example, FuGenX targets the keyword “mobile app development company” on one of their landing pages and has yielded many tangible benefits like increase in visitors, increased brand value, increased revenue and increased ranking.

Basic, but you shouldn’t forget. Make sure that you add meaningful title tag, a captivating meta tag description and keyword-rich header tags to the landing page. And do the strategy-driven SEO that you are master of.

Wrapping Up…

I hope the above info well educated you to build advanced SEO strategies and reap the expected benefits. And also don’t forget to analyse what your competitors are doing.