AdWords Is Changing And PPC Is Set To Follow

Google AdWords has long been the premier advertising platform for a lot of enterprises ranging from small advertisers to multinational corporations. AdWords has one of the most comprehensive ad targeting keywords and its main publishing tool, Google Search itself is still the preferred search tool for nearly 70% of Internet users in the main global markets. Yet AdWords, as successful as it is, still has a few important failings, the most preeminent of which is the failure to better monetize mobile search.


To be fair, the fault only lies with Google to a very small degree. Google has been quite forward thinking in its implementation of Mobile targeted ads but the option was opt in for advertisers and a bit difficult to activate. Small and medium sized advertisers therefore all but ignored it: Google estimates that only about 5% of those advertisers have turned on mobile PPC ads.

All this is changing now with Google at the forefront of an advertising revolution. The company has even put out a new informative site designed to help advertisers, ad companies and everybody in between make better use of its new Enhanced campaign features and to update their websites and advertising policies to account for the Mobile traffic revolution. The feature is an opt-in until somewhere in mid to late June where it will basically become the default setting. The rollout is mostly to accommodate self-managed campaigns and give small advertisers who can’t afford to outsource their PPC management a chance to get to grips with the system before the rollout is complete.


That being said advertisers should have all the incentive in the world to give  Enhanced Campaigns a try. Not only is the new PPC system able to save them a lot of money but it can make them considerably more money than that. That’s because enhanced campaigns offer greater customization by model and location. So if you’re running an upscale boutique you can just target searches from expensive devices in your immediate vicinity with your PPC ads. You can choose not to display your ads to people in a nearby town or neighbourhood that are unlikely to patronize your business even if they do click on your link. This type of ad selection is very good for customizing your ads in local search and supplementing your organic local traffic. And the best thing is that this new PPC deployment method has a stronger ROI than the older campaigns and it is especially effective for small single location stores and businesses than for chains and franchises.

The new AdWords enhanced campaign tools are the future of advertising. Not only do they help businesses get into mobile advertising considerably easier but they offer better customization and better returns as well. So put your trust in Goole once more and give them a try.