Awesome Web Design Trends Companies Should Watch!

Web design these days has the ability to make or break mobile and web startups. As the trends keep changing every year, one cannot be clear about how to enhance the web design and stay connected through the mobile. First a web developer and business need to be clear about what exactly they’re expecting from a new web design. It could be a less complex, more streamlined and much cleaner web interface. For 2013, companies need to watch a few web design trends that are working really well. Every trend we’re going to discuss falls into the broad category of ‘simplicity’. But within this category is some hot web design trends that vary from bold colors to parallax scrolling. Out of many, we’ve selected five of them:

Clean Icons

The most common hot trend of today is clean icon, but that doesn’t mean we’re referring to flat design. Flat design only talks about easy or simple designs. But we cannot ignore the fact that elegance in the text doesn’t come so easily, and to bring it out, control is hard. The new iOS 7 design interface has come out as an inspiration for the designers. It shows how you can create a neat, clean, and elegant interface with minimal techniques. The website when assessed on Apple’s amazing creation looks no less than a tacky dinosaur. Opt for simple icons that can be identified easily cross color wheel and platforms.

Bold Colors

When it comes to the color wheel, your website must be rendered in color otherwise it will become invisible. Website rendered with color is appealing and engage visitors more quickly. Many web developers today are opting for different shades of blues to make it look more professional, and serious. The new design trend of this year is a bonus for all color philosophers. The trend today allows developing consistency and creating a dramatic flow between colors. Pastels were the most ignored colors previously, but now they are being used quite often. To let go this trend and move towards a new beginning, people will have to start using some bold colors as part of web design. Colors like Fuchsia and purple will create a bang on presence.

Data Integration

The way data integration will never change as designers will continue using toolkits like D3.js. This toolkit allows integrating data directly into the website design. It is more effective than using other software to create visualizations and uploading them on the web interface. Elements driven by data are website’s part since the beginning. The result of this approach is well understood, you get an interactive data visualization. You can easily crawl them up and down, and are found through a search engine easily. This trend related to data integration is not going away in near future.

Parallax Scrolling

It is a trick quite famous in the world of animation. Parallax scrolling is observed when your foreground text moves faster than the background image. It’s a challenging task if not done right. Make sure the trick is used in the right manner otherwise it becomes dizzying. However, if you succeed to do it well, you will come across a great experience.

Besides these trends you can go on to spot the hottest web design trends for 2013.