Backlink Tactics to Avoid after Being Penalized by Google

backlink tactics to avoid after penaltyPeople react funny when the unexpected happens. It is a common human condition. During the attack on the Twin Towers local government and all of the emergency services were bouncing around like popcorn in a hot microwave, and yet the major was calm, cool and collected to the point where people gathered round him like lost puppies to find out what to do (literally circled him like the bullied kid in school). When something unexpected happens, such as you wake up one morning and your website is no longer on Google, you may also act a little funny.

Now, let’s assume that you have just found yourself on Google but you are way down the search engine results pages, or that you have had your website reinstalled on the search engine results, but you are way down in the results. You may be tempted to take hasty action. Here are a few mistakes that other people have made in this position but you have to be careful and must know the backlinks tactics to avoid after getting hit by Google.

Having a Big Blow Out to Get Hundreds of Backlinks

This is often the most common reaction when a person finds his or her website needs ranking up. He or she will remember the good old days when he or she got a handful of backlinks and suddenly shot up 200 pages through the search engine results pages.

However, in this case, getting lots of backlinks in a short space of time is just going to make it look as if you have been taking part in Black-hat SEO, and Google will probably sandbox your website either until you make contact or forever to be on the safe side.

Hitting Social Media Hard to Try and Bridge the Gap

It is now common knowledge that social media is part of SEO (Search Engine Optimization). Since Google+ became a little more popular, Google have decided that social media is great and should be a ranking factor with websites. So, some people will jump right onto social media and start a campaign to end all campaigns.

They start something big and strong with the hopes that the fallout (the affects of their campaign) will help rank them up. It very often doesn’t, and often sends a mixed message to Google where they start to lose track of exactly what your website is all about. In some cases, a big social media campaign may actually make it harder for you to rank up in the long term.

Over Optimizing Your Anchor Text

Some people start to pay a lot of attention to their anchor text, which is not a bad thing, but it has the potential to make a mess of things. That person starts to over optimize the anchor text, and then exact match issues start to surface, and before you know it you are getting backlinks acting as anvil anchors in that all they do is drag you down.

Paying for Backlinks

Just don’t do it, especially if you are trying to regain lost ground. It is true that there are some legitimate directories out there that will provide you with a powerful and relevant backlink if you pay them for entry into the directory. But, it takes research and money to do it. Do you really want to risk paying for a backlink that is just going to put you in trouble again?

Ignoring Spammy Links that Could Have Been Changed

If you have been fixing your backlinks and you are now back on Google, do not start ignoring your spammy backlinks. If it is possible for you to go to the domain that hosts them and change it all around so that it is not spammy, then you should go ahead and do it. It will help you out in the long run.

Deleting Your Pages on Your Website

Some people are going to start deleting pages from their website left and right because there are a lot of bad backlinks pointing to it. If the backlinks are bad, then sooner or later they will break. Plus, if Google has put you back on the search engine results pages, then they must have forgiven you for most of your misdeeds.

It does cause a lot of problems if you start deleting your web pages, and may end up setting you all the way back to square one or simply making matters worse. Develop before you delete, and if all hope is lost for a page it is only then that you should delete it.

Building a Page of Outgoing Links

You may want to try and redress a balance by creating lots of backlinks for other websites so that your domain is not just place where hundreds of backlinks point. It is true that if Google expects you to point out a certain amount of links as a percentage comparative to the many that point at you. But, creating a page for links that point outwards in order to try and achieve this is not going to help.

  • I was never an advocate of paid links and think naturally getting links is the right approach. I am glad that Google is working hard to clean up lousy techniques.