Do’s and Don’ts of Becoming a Star Guest Blogger

After Google’s Penguin update, quality authoritative backlinks have become hard to get hold of, especially from reputable websites. Quality backlinks can be got through guest blogging, that too from first-rate websites. There are other associated perks with guest blogging besides getting good backlinks. However, quality article writing is an art and there are certain do’s and don’ts when it comes to guest blogging and you have to follow them to ensure you are accepted as a guest blogger.

becoming a guest blogger

There are numerous benefits associated with good guest blogging. Some of them are listed below:

  • Brings in loads of fresh traffic.
  • Creates social proof that you are indeed an expert author.
  • Creates emotional engagement and connection.
  • Joint venture opportunities are brought in.
  • Online visibility is improved.
  • Important authority figures give you attention and become aware of your presence.
  • Inbound links are brought to your blog.
  • The post often goes viral.
  • Networking opportunities are built in your niche.
  • Your identity is created and people become aware of you.
  • Your online community is provided with valuable inputs.

To become the ideal blogger, you need to do the following-

  • A win-win situation should be created all-round by the guest blogger for readers, the owner of the website and, not to forget, himself.
  • The authority blogs of the chosen niche along with the blogs you love for the fun and entertainment factor should be closely followed. Remember that blogs of the same niche will enable you to get more exposure as an expert, not to mention readership and more business. If you get opportunities for guest blogging in small blogs of your niche, never let it slip away.
  • Ask for opportunities for guest blogging from reputed bloggers in your niche. Bloggers will be keenly interested in your talent if you have something pertinent to offer with regard to article writing. You have to make some serious effort and only then can you expect the windows of success to open.
  • Find active blogs as there is no point in posting at a site which has not posted any blog during the last few months. The comments that a blog post gets is also a way of determining the popularity and readership of the blog.
  • A blog’s guest blogging section usually lists a pattern which should be followed. Chances of getting your blogs accepted are increased if the pattern, rules and regulations listed are followed meticulously. Also, make sure that the guest posts are accepted by the blogger.
  • A secret to great guest blogging is following the tastes, itineraries, lifestyle and personal life of the owner diligently and creating a write up that shows a direct connection to him. This will help create a good impression and result in good writing assignments.
  • Politely ask the owner if he wants the posts to be written specifically on some topics. You can suggest topics and give your credentials, information about your writing abilities and some article samples written previously.
  • Try to be in the blog owner’s good books by becoming a reader, commenting, participating and giving feedbacks to the posts.

Now that you know what to do, it is time to turn to the things that you should not do-

  • Be original and creative. Make sure the content is original and relevant. Do not ramble on and on and definitely no copy pasting from other blogs. This practise can be easily found out and then the writer can be permanently banned. Make sure to put in genuine efforts so that you add some real value to that particular blogging platform.
  • The content must be formatted properly and failing to do so is a huge mistake on the part of a guest blogger. If a list of do’s and don’ts is given, it should be followed to the T. While writing, make sure the recommended measures are taken and proper tags included. Include appropriate images, avoid too many grammatical and typographical errors and do not be linked to bad neighbourhoods.

If you fail to follow these things, your article writing will not come out good and the post will be rejected right away.