5 Major Benefits of Managed WordPress Hosting

Managed WordPress hosting is usually a favorite choice for most webmasters because of its robust and amazing features. It’s in essence a first choice for many users and it’s for a good reason. Discussed below are 7 major benefits of managed WordPress hosting.

Amazing Security

Websites hosted through managed hosting are usually very secure. This is because of the fact that the platform is maintained by competent professionals who are endowed with intricate understanding of creating, as well as managing, the firewalls on the platform. This type of hosting usually offers a robust service to all its clients in order to prevent their sites from coming under the attack of malware. This ensures that your website operates continually, making it possible for your customers and prospects to always access your site when they want to.

wordpress managed hosting

If you work with a hosting provider that doesn’t provide superb security, then your site will easily be infected with malware. This can even stretch to your customers machines because the malware can spread to the users who visit your site. This can be disastrous and can cost your company a fortune. In addition, malware can make your site be ranked lower by major search engines, reducing the visibility of your business on the cyberspace. It’s also worth noting that as a result of the malware, the search engines can even delist your site which can be fatal to your online business. It’s therefore of paramount importance that you work with a hosting provider that assures you of top notch security. Managed WordPress hosting is one of the best options you can have because you are guaranteed of superb security.

Website Speed

With managed WordPress hosting, you are assured of awesome website speed and fast loading. The time a site takes to load is directly correlated to the conversion rate. Statistics show that a slow site loses out on many customers who would have otherwise purchased their merchandise if the website was a bit faster. This type of hosting basically hosts fewer sites and this makes the websites hosted to load faster and thus no lost business because of slow loading. Apart from retaining site visitors, a website that is fast is ranked highly by the search engines. This will increase your site visibility on the online platform.

Managed WordPress hosting services usually use content delivery systems which have an amazing way of making sure that data and information loads fast irrespective of the location it’s being accessed from. With fast loading, web content will see higher conversion rates which will in return increase user traffic. These networks are also designed in such a way that they can deal with sophisticated and complex cyber attacks effectively.

Exceptional Technical Support

Companies offering managed WordPress hosting always makes sure that their customers get top notch technical support around the clock. They put measures in place to ensure that clients’ issues are handled professionally, competently, and speedily.

Continuous Automated Updates

WordPress unlike other platforms gives the user the benefit of automated updates. This is very important because most of these updates come with increased functionalities. This service also makes the work of the web owner easier as he doesn’t have to manually search for updates to install.

Robust Backup

Through managed WordPress hosting you are guaranteed of superb backup. This means that even if something unfortunate happened to your site, your data and content will be intact. You can bet that your website will be restored to its working order within a very short time to ensure that you don’t lose business. With managed WordPress hosting, you don’t necessarily need to have your own backup because it’s well taken care of.

Managed services have the advantage of cost savings. Many times companies pay for server space that they rarely use; leading to misused and idle resources. You are thus able to maximize your resources to increase your business productivity.

Managed WordPress hosting enables you to handle large scale traffic on your site. This type of hosting is in essence used by many companies across the globe looking to optimize their presence on the cyberspace. Managed WordPress hosting enables business ventures to outsource intensive tasks such as network traffic monitoring and performance management.