9 Best Content Curation Tools

Anyone involved with any sort of online marketing will understand the importance of content curation. But what is it exactly, and which tools can help you master this process? Let’s check out here!

What is Content Curation?

Content curation is about sifting through the mass of information on the internet to find content which is useful, relevant and current which can then be shared with your audience. It takes time and skill to become a competent content curator, but fortunately, there are various content curation tools to help you. Let’s review briefly!

content curation tools


This tool can help you to create interesting stories based on a specific niche or event, using social media, which you can then share in a story format. You can also use videos and images with your text to help convey the story.


This tool enables you to create lists which you can then share through social networks, as well as embed to a website or blog post. Content based around lists is popular on the internet, so this tool is worth getting to know.


This online pinboard has grown massively in popularity in recent times and is a great source of content information that allows you to repin and share with other interested followers as well as embed pins, too.


This is a really professional content curation tool for businesses seeking to easily find, organise and share relevant content. It can work out your individual content preferences so that you receive the most relevant content first.


This useful content curation tool allows users to create a ‘bag’ where you can collect content relevant to you on any topic, then publish and share it.


This professional content curation software is fully integrated with WordPress. It allows high volume curation, bookmarklet capacity for browsing, content customised to your specific niche and a pipeline of content at your fingertips.


Widely used by many professionals involved in content curation, this useful tool can help you to create a meaningful presence on the internet. It allows you to share ideas on specific topics relevant to your audience.

Google Alerts

Anyone with even the smallest amount of involvement with affiliate marketing should sign up for Google alerts. You can set this around specific keywords relevant to you, so that when content related to that matter is posted on the web, the information will be delivered straight to your inbox.


This content curation tool will let you create topic pages, or bundles, on subjects of interest to you. You can add photos, videos, tweets, quotes, links and other documents such as articles and presentations, and then share them with your audience or embed on any website. Also, content can be clipped whilst you continue browsing the internet.

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