Best SEO Apps for Android

The importance of Search engine optimization is felt by all, irrespective of the scale of business or diversity in the products or services offered. While a majority of the business is shifting its base to the online platform, there are still some that instantly wonder whether the World Wide Web is a genuine platform or net. Well, nowadays, more than half of the world’s population has access to the internet and everyday around lacs of new businesses are getting started. All a person needs to do is invest some time and money and get a website. The website then brings and lures in more and more users who brings in profit. Simple!

Even though it might seem too simple, it is not. The help of search engine optimization tools are always needed to bring in more customers so that ample traffic can be bought to the business. Nowadays, apart from the computers and laptops, one can even use mobile phones to use great SEO tools for their business. Android phones can download various SEO apps that can help to bring in the targeted audience to one’s website and get hefty profits. But just like there are ample of businesses in the market, the same goes for the applications. At times, it becomes difficult to understand which application would suit the business need in a better way than the other and hence leave a person confused.

Here we have listed the Best SEO Apps Android so that you know the best available android application in market now:


This application is absolutely great for those who need to travel everywhere carrying their heavy laptops. Well with the application, a person is completely at ease to work anytime of the day because it has access to all the files that are stored in your computer at work office or home. All you need to do is carry a Smartphone or a mobile phone so that you can have access to the application and that’s it!



This particular SEO application is extremely simple to use, convenient as well as efficient. The most common function of this application is to check out the reports of Google analytics without having to use the computer or the laptop. Most of the SEO experts think that checking Google analytics report while on the go is an impossible task, but this particular application has proved that to be wrong. It is extremely user-friendly since you do not need to put in the password and the log in id again and again and thus it simplifies the task of checking reports.



This application is the best keyword research tool that can be used to search the popularity of a particular keyword, its uses in different niches and other benefits. Normally keywords pose the biggest threat to all SEO experts since they can make or break the articles and hence the SECockpit serves as one of the best SEO tools one can have.


These are just some of the Best SEO Apps Android available, but there are plenty more. You can get to know more about them from SEO websites and other informative blogs. Expect to get the best out of your website with these SEO apps and experience a major upturn.