Best Social Media Apps for iPhone

iPhone is an amazing gadget and everyone love to have it. Today we have myriads of iPhone apps available online but it’s difficult to decide that what kind of apps is more interesting and useful for us. Particularly if we talk about social media it is not easy to choose the best social media apps for iPhone. As social networking is getting popular among young generation day by day we decided to discuss the best social networking apps for iPhone users to access social media in a convenient way.

social media apps


Some social media websites support just one or two applications. Usually Facebook and Twitter get such support while if you use Flipboard you can get connected with various services. Other than Facebook and Twitter, LinkedIn, Tumblr and Instagram are also available here. It does not just copy the timelines rather it shows social media websites in different styles. You can easily read updates and tweets are really interesting to read about. It’s considered on top due to a wide range of features.


If you like Check-ins, this is the top pick. This application is used by more than 20 million people. You can keep in touch with your friends and can get the information about their activities. Badge system is really great which allows us to visit different places. Your friends can also recommend you to visit a place, through foursquare.

Imo Instant Messenger

Imo is an instant messenger application, which is available for free. It allows its users to keep in touch with their friends through different social networks. Applications like Facebook, AOL instant Messenger, MSN, MySpace and many more are supported by Imo. Just a few applications support Skype and Imo is one of them; like everyone’s favorite Meebo does not have this. You can divide your contacts into different groups. Moreover, you can also search the chat history.


We can share our photos through our mobile phone, but Instagram has given it a new direction. It’s really simple and filled with fun. Instagram will help you to take a photograph and apply different kinds of filters and finally upload it. You can keep the track of these photos, like all other networks.


Everyone uses different social networking sites and it is really difficult to manage them. If you want to manage all of them with one application, Seesmic is an ideal application. It supports a wide range of applications like Twitter and Facebook. Blogger, LinkedIn and other services are also supported and you can post on all of them at once. Another advantage is that, it is simply free. However, some low level features are not available in this application.


The price of this application is $1.99, but it offers a lot of good features. Its interface is really amazing and offers some great features. Professionals have developed it with great accuracy. With over 300 features, you can quickly create an Avatar. You can add more hairstyles. People find it slightly expensive, but if we compare it with the features, it’s not really costly.


There is a large number of blogging websites today and Tumblr is one of them. Just to make it easy to understand, it is just like as twitter and WordPress are working together. You can follow blogs and create texts as well, not just text but audio and video as well. You can update your blog even when you are traveling.


If you are a businessman and what to get information about any business at local level, you can take the help of Yelp. It will serve the purpose, no matter in which city you are. Views about restaurants, shops and other places provided there. You can get information about local places and get some advice as well.