Best Tools to Personalize Facebook Timeline Cover

Facebook, the social networking giant offers a great platform to engage with customers/fans, popularize products and establish brands quickly and effectively. This task is typically achieved through pages. A page consists of several elements; prominent among them is the timeline, cover photo, profile picture and various interactive tabs. It also boasts a button, called “Like” which is a kind of popularity hit counter. Check out best WP plugins for image management.

A Facebook page is easy to create but demands attention and input to generate likes. And one of the easiest ways to do that is through timeline cover. If your business or fan page cover photo is compelling, targeted and instills a sense of belonging, it will generate likes. It will also enhance your page’s other metrics such as comments, and number of people talking about it.

So how do you create a unique timeline cover? Hire a designer or use the following best tools to personalize facebook timeline cover easily.


tools for facebook timeline cover


1. Timeline Cover Banner

Timeline Cover Banner offers one of the finest editors to make timeline cover a joy. Integration of profile picture and timeline photo is one its unique offerings. In other words, you can seamlessly merge your profile picture and cover image to make it look like a single entity. Yet another feature which stands out is the availability of stock images, exclusively to its users. The image/s can be added by simply mentioning the graphic ID.

You can also draw your own picture using a mouse, add collage of images or simply type in the text to create a cover.

2. Image chef

Image chef on the other hand offers an IDE (Integrated Development Environment), something similar to Photoshop but extremely simple to use. You can easily drag and drop images from your computer through upload method, or simply choose from the huge collection readily available. Add text, icons, clipart, backgrounds and a host of other elements to create a unique timeline cover.

3. Pagemodo

The popularity of this tool can be gauged from the fact that it has a million users. Pagemodo offers an imaginative stage to create stunning timeline covers and custom tab images. Apart from diverse themes Pagemodo also offers quality content which you share on your timeline. For business entities there is a gamut of clean, dedicated themes to make your social presence compelling, and that too without any technical skills.

4. InstaCover

InstaCover is a free web-based tool for creating timeline cover from Instagram photos. Some its salient features are; easy to use, completely free, requires no sign up. You can also create cover image with your own Instagram images or by exploiting public photos. Yet another advantage with InstaCover is that you don’t need to be an Instagram user to create one. It also offers all standard features such as text input, background color option etc.

5. Cool FB Covers

This tool offers customize able covers which can be edited with its built-in cover maker. Simply select the cover that you find interesting and then click the ‘Customize Cover’ button located at the bottom right corner. You can also use your own images and text by starting from the scratch.