Best Ways to Expand SEO Client List

This article gives you a few ways that you can increase the number of clients for your SEO business. But, not to put too fine a point on it, this article offers you the best ideas and tips you are going to find online at this time. If you study and adapt the tips on this article then you cannot fail!

You may be working as a single SEO freelancer or may be working as part of a development team. Either way you are going to want a steady stream of work from reliable clients. Here are a few tips and a little advice on how to grow your SEO client list.

Find Your Competitors that are Too Busy to Take on New Clients

Make a few esquires as a potential customer and search through your online competition. You are looking for other SEO companies that are too busy to take on new clients. You are looking for SEO companies that are sending you away. There are two ways you can exploit this.

Firstly, you need to look at what they are doing, how they are marketing themselves and where they are getting all of their clients from. Their marketing efforts are clearly working, so you could do a lot worse than copying some of the things they are doing.

A Clever Idea for Exploiting the Competitors

The second thing you can do (and this is rub your hands with glee clever) is to get back in touch with them. When you first contact the SEO companies you should use a private or non-essential and non-business related email address. Then, contact them a week later and say you spoke to a client and they said they tried their company first but got turned away. Then propose a deal by offering to pay them for referrals. Instead of them just turning people away, they can refer the client to you. This way you are buying very warm leads without spending a massive amount of money, and it gives your competitor a financial reason for referring people to you.

Use an Affiliate Advertising Program

This is a simple but effective way of getting more customers. You will notice that the Google search engine is full of affiliate adverts when you search for SEO companies. There are so many on there because affiliate advertising works when you are promoting an SEO company. Sadly, it also means that you have a lot of competition, but if you compete with your SEO brains and not with your advertising budget then you can turn a lot of your paid-for traffic into clients.

Guest Blog as a Professional and Lie on Your Author Bio

Write guest blogs about how hard SEO is and write other guest blogs about how useful and reliable SEO companies are. Give tips on SEO that seem so convoluted that people will opt to use an SEO company because they do not want to get involved with such a complex process. The more complex and convoluted you make SEO appear, then the more people are going to want to have someone else do it.

Make sure you comment on how much work is required for good SEO and how long the process is. Try to mention the fact that doing SEO every week will sap productive and staff hours that could be better spent elsewhere. Also, write blog posts about how much work is required for SEO to the point where people need a dedicated team of professionals in order to compete in today’s market.

After reading your guest posts people are going to want to hire an SEO firm, which is where you come in. Make sure that your author bio states that you run an SEO company and give them the link. Make sure you mention how your team of professionals puts in hours of work, and tell a bunch of lies about how your staff have won awards and how you were responsible for some of the biggest successes in the online arena. Your lies are more plausible on a guest post because they are not located on your domain.

Sign up with LinkedIN and Sell Yourself as an Expert

LinkedIN is a social media network for professional and business persons. It is populated with your customers because you are not looking to sell to the public; you are looking to sell business-to-business. When you set yourself up on LinkedIN, make sure that you fill it with lies about your business. It is not wise to lie about your successes with major brands as people can check them, but you can lie about your experience.

You can claim that you work with a bigger team than you do. You can say that you hire ex-staff of a certain unnamed massive search engine. You can say that you have a team of technical experts, programmers, developers, designers and consultants within your team. You also can say you have proofreaders, analysts, writers and data processors within your team, and that all of these people work for the common good of your clients.