Best WordPress Plugins for Blog Comment System

Having a blog adds immense value to your website moreover it is a tool for your brand awareness. You would not find any other place better than a blog to promote your products and services and publish latest corporate news your sources. On the other hand a blog can make the website visitors spend a little bit more time exploring your blog. They would not mind spending few minutes for commenting if the blog posts are unique, rich and informative.

wp plgins for comments

Luckily we have best WordPress plugins for blog comment system to attract more visitors. Top Commentators Widget, Subscribe to Comments plugin, CommentLuv plugin and WordPress Thread Comment are few of them.

1- Top Commentators Widget

This plugin provides a sidebar widget to display the top commentators on your WordPress blog. A form control is given to manage the widget, thus you do not have to edit the PHP file. The widget’s implementation was inspired from Show Top Commentators plugin at Personal Financial Advice. You can customize it to make it more flexible.

Download Top Commentators Widget

2- Subscribe to Comments Plugin

This is a flexible plugin that enables commentators to sign up for email notification of other commenters entries. It has a subscription manager that allows commenters to subscribe to selected posts, block all other notifications and change their email address.

Download subscribe to comments plugin

3- CommentLuv Pro

This plugin is an enhanced version of existing WordPress’s comment feature. It is a robust plugin that detects spam while channeling more traffic to your blog. It allows adding keywords, integrating twitter links, and backlink features. With CommentLuv enabled at your blog, users can reply to any existing comments and the discussion is displayed in a nested or threaded manner.

Most of the plugins are easy to install and can be managed by novice users. There is no requirement of hacking the WordPress platform or blog’s theme, in order to install a plugin. The admin can move or delete comments using the front end. In admin section, HTML/ PHP/CSS are customizable.

Users can get notifications by email, if anybody has replied to their comments. Because the plugins support AJAX user comments are enabled without reloading the whole page. The plugins have made the blog much user friendly and interactive for users. Features like replying to existing comments tempt users to visit the same blog again and again.

Download CommentLuv

The biggest advantage of WordPress plugins is encouraging viewers to engage with the blog. Perhaps, you have already encountered these plugins in several blogs.