Download 10 Best WordPress Plugins for Image Management

Using high quality images and pictures on WordPress blogs often has a positive effect on visitors. In fact, it has been proven that using huge chunks of text without any images often encourages visitors to hit the back button or close the tab to search for content that is more visually appealing. Even without the need for high quality, customized images, running a WordPress blog can be tricky business. Managing all the images you need to keep your blog attractive and informative can be chore, but there are WordPress plugins that can greatly makes ease the task.

Here are 10 best wordpress plugins for image management you may want to download:

1. NextGEN Gallery

Call it the mother of all WordPress image management plugins, NextGEN Gallery is a full image gallery management system that integrates into your WordPress blog. It allows you to take control of the complete image management process with all available webmaster’s tools, from batch image uploading to editing thumbnails and creating galleries. Its front end display comes in 2 flavors, slide show and thumbnails that offer a full complement of features for size adjustment, light box effect, timing transitions, and more.

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2. Dynamic Content Gallery

This is a plugin that makes it possible for you to create a dynamic photo image gallery for your latest content using either a JonDesign Smooth Gallery script or a custom jQuery script. It creates a dynamic gallery from the blog’s latest content by pulling the first image from pages/posts. Dynamic Content Galleries settings page offers a range of option for populating the gallery or configuring its behavior and look.

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3. Justified Image Grid

Just as its name suggests, Justified Image Grid is a premium image management plugin that uses jQuery to arrange thumbnails in a responsive Justified Image Grid. The result is that the site gets a whole lot of polish as you can let the plugin image the images for you or you can import them from Facebook, Instagram, Flickr, or NextGEN. The plugin was designed to offer maximum control from minimal programming and it was arguably the best decision, going by the plugin’s popularity.

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4. Flipping Book

This plugin has for long been regarded as one of the best image manipulation tools for blogs. It makes it possible for you to create a space saving album from a large number of images. This offers visitors an unparalleled convenience of viewing images. The image galleries takes the form of an interactive book that is simple to use and very convenient when you want to pull up one of the images for use in a website.

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5. Watermark RELOADED

Just like text posts, creating good images for your site can be a painstaking experience and it brings no joy to learn that someone else stole them and used them on their site. WaterMark RELOADED may not be an onsite image/gallery management program but it does a good job of protecting the images you’ve created and posted. It does this by applying a water mark, that is, a small image or text positioned on the corner of the image. The good this is that it does this on the fly as soon as images are uploaded. You can also customize how your watermark looks and which position you wish it to appear. This will fend of content thieves as there would be no doubt as to who the images belong to.

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6. PDImageAnimation

This is the best image management plugin for those with blogs that do not have many images but still need to look pleasing to the eye. This plugin pulls up photos that have been released to the free domain but related to your site, and displays them on your blog. You do need to have customized images for your WordPress blog to stand out so it would probably be a good idea to use PDImageAnimation as a short term solution as you create custom images.

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7. Responsive LightBox

This plugin increases focus on the image a user shows interest in by diming the background. Installing LighBox is a breeze and it has an interactive interface that lest you choose different ways of displaying photos and images.

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8. Frontpage-Slideshow

This plugin builds your picture gallery into a slideshow. When readers click on the picture that interests them, they are directed to a page with related content. The sliding transitions between images mean that this plugin also lends a sleek look to your website.

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9. Media Grid

This plugin boasts a wealth of asymmetrical grids (known as masonry layout). Media Gird uses the latest jQuery and CSS3 technologies to allow the display to break away from straight rows and lines for most gallery plugins.

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10. PhotoMosaic

PhotoMosaic offers a masonry layout that would truly enhance the look of your artwork gallery. The plugin produces an effect similar to the stunning visuals you find on fancy design websites. The plugin’s features and options mean that it qualifies as a basic option, although not many websites can pull off the best results with PhotoMosaic.

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