Capitalization by Small Business on Change in Google Algorithm

During February 2011 Google came up with a change in its search engine algorithm structure in order to panelize the duplicate content writers who simply re-arrange the pre written content and publish it over and over several times. There is a plenty of content online on such stuff but very little has been published on how the small businesses can capitalize on the change in Google algorithm. Here are a few tips for the readers.

How Winners and Losers are Made?

There are many winners who emphasized on proper keywords search increased their relevance which grew over time in the alpha-dominant internet world.

Similarly there were many losers who emphasized on informational content collection which then had to strive again to re- formulate the new strategies to cope with the changes in Google algorithm.

Implication for Small Business

Consider the power of social media when promoting your business. It is a perfect and free of cost platform for the small business owners to market their business. What actually required is the commitment to the social media strategy. Although this does not cost anything out of your pocket but it does require the appropriate amount of time and the required skill. For that you may have to spend your own precious time or may hire someone who is paid for providing the required services. So a specific part must be delegated to this in your marketing budget. Although it may reduce number of radio posts or media plays but the return it would give would be great and ever growing.

Using Facebook as Powerful Advertising Tool

Facebook is the largest social media forum at present where you can promote your business without cost. Firstly make sure that you have a personal listing as well along with your companies’ listing. Put the upcoming events and updates regularly on your company’s page and promote your company’s page to attain the maximum number of followers. In this way you can initiate dialogues, discussions, voting forums and even can launch competitive campaigns and can offer gifts and incentives in turn. This can do wonders with small businesses specially the retail stores, specialty stores and resorts. Facebook is the most powerful network where you can create events, seminars, surveys, collect reviews depending on the type of business.

Linked-In; Built Comprehensive Profile and Promote Business

With the growth of Linked-In it has been becoming more relevant and trustworthy in the eyes of the largest search engine Google. Therefore do not underestimate the energy it can put into your business. Here are a few advices for the small business owners:

1.       Put an updated profile of you and your top officials on the Linked-In

2.       Built a comprehensive profile of your company and put efforts to do your service listing to enhance your relevancy and searchability.

3.       Hire someone to entitle your officials to the relevant groups and discussions.

4.       Improve your basic profile by adding stuff like videos, tutorials, e-books etc. Google loves the videos while determining your rank. And each Linked-In page in indexed individually on the Google.

YouTube; Largest Video Channel with Immense Potential for Business Growth

YouTube is another large growing video channel owned by the Google itself so this can give you the idea how much Google prefer the videos.

Upload interesting videos regarding your work on your pages on LinkedIn, Facebook, Google plus and YouTube free of cost. The videos can be anything, your products reviews, your company’s officials interviews spotlight people and special events etc. if you cannot hire any professional shooting people you can simply use your video cam to make simple videos of your work. You should also use videos to introduce and promote new changes into your company.

By posting your video on YouTube for free you can enjoy the advantage of the relationship between the Google and YouTube which certainly results in better ranking and increased traffic.

The above mentioned social media sites are rising in popularity and have no chances of diminishing therefore you can setup your long term business promotion strategy on these channels by taking advantage of what Google has done for you. If you are not already working on this media start it today and taste the rise in the profit and then move on to the next.