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Google Fighting against Apps Stealing Your Data

Google has made drastic changes in its policies aimed at developers for apps on Google Play. These changes are aimed at making downloading apps from Play safer for Android smartphone users. All developers have a small time till next month to make suitable changes or otherwise their apps will be deleted from the app store.

Google’s Matt Cutts Details Auto-Generated Content Stance

Google has recently posted a new webmaster assistance video where engineer Matt Cutts explains Google’s intention to penalize sites that include auto-generated content. Recently, webmasters have questioned whether manual responses from Google would place penalties on sites using such content, and Cutts clearly explained Google’s intentions to lower the rankings of sites using auto-generated content

How to Improve Google Ranking? Quick Tips

If you are planning to get more business through your website, you need to use certain search engines or SEO strategies to get high Google page ranking. To improve Google ranking all you need to do is to pull traffic to your website. Unfortunately many don’t have time and also ideas to get high traffic;

What Is Google Page Rank And Why Does It Matter?

Google Page Rank has been around for a considerable time. Pages that enjoy a higher rank are deemed to be more reputable than ones with a lower rank. As a result of this the higher ranked pages are likely to be listed above others and will be easier to find. Even today PageRank performs an

ICYMI: Matt Cutts on SEO

In the world of SEO, a sort of paradox seems to be at play, at least where Google’s public statements are concerned. On the one hand, the Internet giant recently announced it was no longer making public all data refreshes and algorithm changes, simply because there are too many of them. With as much as

Google New Search Filter for Social Marketing SEO

The advent of social search is definitely coming, at least this is what most of the industry insiders are saying. The real question here is – what would Google’s respond be, having in mind there are lots of popular social networks such as Facebook, offering their users a chance to find off- and on-site technologies.

Google Ad Unit for Responsive Websites Launched

Today Google released a new responsive adSense unit which is designed to run on different sites that have the ability to adapt to different screen sizes. Although the unit is still in beta, it has really good performance. After all, the responsive design is gaining more and more popularity and it is something that lots

Download SEO Ranking Factors 2013 Study

  If you want to study the research of seo ranking factors for 2013 then you can download the white paper after filling a simple form.   Download SEO Ranking Factors 2013 Study Also you can download the infographic of ranking factor study 2013 below:   Download SEO Ranking Factors 2013 Infographic  

Top Google Ranking Factors for SEO 2013

Here we have selected a research conducted on google ranking factors in 2013. In this study all factors for google ranking have been discussed briefly. It includes everything important for seo 2013 like content optimization, social media influence on seo efforts, number and quality of backlinks, anchor text preferences, brand building, over-optimization ban and technical