How to Pass Google Hummingbird Test by Adding Rich Snippets for Your Content?

Pass Google’s Hummingbird Test
November 27, 2013

Since the latest algorithm update by Google by the name of Hummingbird, several low quality websites have come under the radar. At the rate at which this new algorithm has managed to hunt down poor quality websites, it is very important that you take every step to ensure that you do not fall prey to this algorithm and run the risk of your website being banned by Google. This does…


7 Tips on How to Increase Website Rank in Google?

How to Increase Website Rank
November 26, 2013

Search engine optimization mainly calls for you to establish two things: relevancy to targeted search queries and high quality incoming links. Some make it seem more complicated but it’s really that simple. Following the essential tips in this article can help you achieve both. These useful tips will let you know how to increase website rank in a practical way. 1. Use Clean Code and Markup Search engines prefer pages…


AdWords Tips: 6 Ways to Use Offer Extensions In AdWords

ads and offer extensions
October 11, 2013

Are you promoting your products or services with Google Adwords? There are many great tips that you can use to improve your ads performance. In this article, you can learn how to use Offer Extensions for your advertising campaign. With these tools, you will be able to attach your unique discount offers for your Google ads. These ads are going to appear right on the Google search result easily. There…


5 Easy Ways to Build Powerful Contextual Backlinks Google Will Love

easy ways to build powerful Contextual Backlinks
October 5, 2013

When you start building backlinks on other sites you have to be careful because some of them are more powerful than others. I’m actually talking about different backlinks on the same site being treated differently by the search engines. Do you remember when every blogger and their mom would end up linking out to other blogs in their sidebar? Then you have some companies who build lots of sites only…


15+ Google Hummingbird Algorithm FAQ

google hummingbird algorithm faq
September 28, 2013

  Google ‘Hummingbird’ algorithm is the latest from google we want to know and understand about. Though a long post can be written on this latest google algorithm but if it is described in question and answer mode, readers will understand it in a better way. That is why here we are going to share 15+ top questions about google hummingbird algorithm so that webmaster can see what google want…


7 Secrets To Squeeze Unlimited Sales From Your Product

Secrets To Squeeze Unlimited Sales
September 25, 2013

If you want to make more sales from your own product, the first thing that you need to do is to make sure that your product is high quality. In this way, even though people buy your product, they will become satisfied with your product and you’ll keep getting positive testimonials from them. However, quality alone is not enough to make an impressive amount of sales from your product. Here…


Top SEO Predictions 2014

SEO Predictions 2014
September 24, 2013

After the release of Penguin 2, it is apparent that Google is making room for quality content by trying to eliminate spam. With this in mind, what are some SEO trends we can expect for the coming year? Google has already hinted at what we should be gearing up for for 2014. Long-Form Blogs Such blogs range from 1,000 to 2,000 words. Posting multiple times per week will remain important,…


How to Improve Google Ranking? Quick Tips

build backlinks
September 6, 2013

If you are planning to get more business through your website, you need to use certain search engines or SEO strategies to get high Google page ranking. To improve Google ranking all you need to do is to pull traffic to your website. Unfortunately many don’t have time and also ideas to get high traffic; therefore they choose to pay to other companies for help. Paying For Google Rank Can…


10 Google Analytics Custom Event Samples That You Can Use on Your Own

Google Analytics Custom Event
September 4, 2013

Google Analytics is one of the best SEO tools used by many SE specialists and analysts. It boasts many features that can keep you in track with the website you are trying to rank and the best out of it all, it’s FREE! As awesome as Google Analytics is with SEO, we had never fully revealed the true capabilities of its many functions. What most analysts don’t know is that…


Why Google Wants Keywords To Take A Back Seat In SEO? 3 Core Reasons Revealed for Quality Link Building

keywords at back seat
September 2, 2013

Keywords are losing their potency and importance. We no longer live in a world of SEO where we can simply add a few keywords and we’ll soon find ourselves on the first page of Google. No, in fact keywords have taken a back seat to things like social media in the last 12 to 18 months. It’s why you have to start changing the way you approach SEO. We know…


What Is Google Page Rank And Why Does It Matter?

what is google-pagerank
September 1, 2013

Google Page Rank has been around for a considerable time. Pages that enjoy a higher rank are deemed to be more reputable than ones with a lower rank. As a result of this the higher ranked pages are likely to be listed above others and will be easier to find. Even today PageRank performs an integral role in determining the strength of a site. This is perhaps why so many…


A Typical Day in the Life of SEO Manager

seo manager life
July 27, 2013

Life of a SEO PM is a life which makes everyone equally inquisitive. Be it the mother, the wife, the offspring, the business owner (i.e. boss of SEO PM), his executives and his clients. They all continuously try to demystify this uncanny creature who tries to earn a living by ranking high on Google search results. This entity has invoked my curiosity as well, for a long time. To understand…