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How to Gauge the Strength Of Backlink?

Although Google Penguin 2.0 and various other algorithm updates have frightened many webmasters and website owners to the point that they’re no longer link building, the truth is that it is still an important part of any SEO strategy. Trying to prevent further penalties, many are currently becoming very familiar with the disavow tool featured

How Natural Backlinks Are Becoming Important In SEO In 2013?

When we are talking of natural backlinks, SEO is something which is not oblivious to this issue. SEO or search engine optimization is nothing but ensuring that your website gets the maximum visibility in a search engine’s natural or organic search results. When you search for a website, the faster you get the results, the

What a SEO Agency Can Do For You? Realistically!

It can be over-the-top frustrating to have your website – your topnotch website for your innovative and wildly creative business – totally ignored. It is as if it is not on the web at all; as if it is clothed with an invisibility cloak a la Harry Potter. If you have discovered that the traffic to your

Introducing: Targeted Link Baiting

Link baiting is one of the few web marketing techniques that everyone seems to agree with. Whether you’re involved in SEO or social media marketing, and whichever SEO techniques you swear by, chances are that you will have a place for link baiting in your marketing strategy. For those who aren’t familiar with the term,

How to Include Link Building into SEO Campaigns Effectively?

The introduction of Penguin 2.0 from Google has come with a claim that it will go deeper than the 2012 version of Penguin. It’s really unfortunate for the sites which are having lots of manipulative links in. Most of these sites were still finding ways to tackle with the 2012 Penguin while the newer version

What in the World is SEO Co-Citation and Why Should I Care?

Link building used to be less complicated. Your only job was to find websites with a high PageRank, request links with a specific anchor text, and wait for your search engine ranking to improve. Directories, blog comments and social media profiles were 90% of SEO. Even those who were too busy to manually optimize and

SEO Techniques to Survive Google Panda And Penguin Updates

As an internet marketer, it is extremely important for you to make use of SEO tactics that are compliant with Google Panda and Penguin updates in order to enhance your website’s visibility and increase your traffic. To be honest, making money out of your website is only going to be possible when you manage to

5 Working Anchor Text Tips for 2013 Link Building

Today I have came across a great post about 5 solid anchor text tips for 2013 link building so I decided to share it with my visitors. In this post you will see why we should avoid excessive exact match keywords, increase using branded keywords, getting guest post link from relevant authority sites and also

Top 5 SEO Directories to Ensure Higher Ranking of Your Website

If you are intending to boost your website ranking by directory submission then you must go for the best SEO directories in this case. SEO directory submission can really make a difference in this regard. Here we have discussed top 5 SEO directories you can consider: 1. DMOZ It is also known as an open