Backlink Tactics to Avoid after Being Penalized by Google

backlink tactics to avoid after penalty
November 12, 2013

People react funny when the unexpected happens. It is a common human condition. During the attack on the Twin Towers local government and all of the emergency services were bouncing around like popcorn in a hot microwave, and yet the major was calm, cool and collected to the point where people gathered round him like lost puppies to find out what to do (literally circled him like the bullied kid…


How To Check If Your Website Is SEO Friendly?

October 30, 2013

Every blogger wants to see his website popular among readers, successful and SEO friendly. The quality of a website is easy to evaluate according to certain parameters: its look, structure, messages, means used for its work, and its attractiveness.  So, if we want to check how SEO friendly our website or blog is, we should consider all following options.   How a Website Looks? A website’s look is judged by…


Website Migration Guide – Tips for SEO

Website Migration Guide
October 27, 2013

If a migration is absolutely necessary for your website, then you should do everything that is possible to reduce the ranking drops your site is about to experience. There really is no way to make sure that your website stays exactly where it is, it just all depends on what exactly you are changing on your site. We are going to cover some of the best ways to make sure…


Complete Weekly SEO Plan For Web Success

weekly seo plan
October 24, 2013

As well as running websites and doing SEO, I am also an amateur bodybuilder. To turn this hobby into a money making venture, I also offer custom-made workouts for cash. People come to me with orders because they like the idea of being able to have someone else come up with a plan for them that will help them to get what they want. All they have to do is…


Effective and Powerful SEO Article Writing Guidelines

seo article writing guidelines
October 9, 2013

In current times, content holds the primary importance in every SEO technique. A simple but well written content can do wonders to a website and the SEO Campaign. However for such results, quality research and the creativity of the writer are the most prominent aspects. SEO writers should be attentive about the subject on which they are writing. They should keep the expectation and requirements of the internet users in…


Killer Tips to Develop Excellent Internal Link Structure

Internal Link structure
September 30, 2013

In previous posts, we have written about link structure including how to improve link structure of website and how to create perfect URL structure but now we have felt a need to share something about internal linking. Yes internal linking is as important as external linking is that is why we must follow a safe but sure strategy for the perfect internal link structure. So today we are going to…


Landing Page Optimization Tips to Creat Great Landing Pages

landing page optimization tips
September 29, 2013

Landing pages are an essential part of affiliate marketing. The landing page is the first page that your prospective customers see when they come to your site, so the page must load quickly and be eye-catching and attractive, otherwise you will lose those visitors. In addition, Google uses your bounce rate and the quality of your landing page as elements in the Quality Score calculation. If your landing page is…


7 Golden Nuggets to Improve Website Link Structure Practically

Improve Your Website's Link Structure
September 28, 2013

The internet has revolutionized the advertising and marketing world. Search engine optimization has become one of the most important forms of marketing as businesses within each market are racing to the top of Google. Getting your business to the top of a Google search engine is far from easy, you are going to need various SEO tools including keywords, content, and link structure. Link structure can be a little tricky…


Practical SEO Tips for Affiliate Marketing

SEO Tips for Affiliate Marketing
September 26, 2013

It is more than obvious that the latest updates of Google haven’t been helpful to the affiliate business which turned out to be a hurting experience to many affiliate marketers all over the world. Today we need to follow the practical tips for affiliate marketers in the current online market. In spite of this, the last time when a description of the Google Quality Rating Guidelines was made known anonymously…


Best Ways to Expand SEO Client List

expand seo client list
September 21, 2013

This article gives you a few ways that you can increase the number of clients for your SEO business. But, not to put too fine a point on it, this article offers you the best ideas and tips you are going to find online at this time. If you study and adapt the tips on this article then you cannot fail! You may be working as a single SEO freelancer…


Do You Wish to Make Your Site Mobile Friendly? 10+ Tips to Read On

Make Your Site Mobile Friendly
September 18, 2013

Everybody owns a Smartphone these days, which somewhat explains why mobile friendly websites are increasingly becoming the norm of the day. Several studies reveal that around 60 to 80% of web users now check websites and access their mails from their mobile devices. Quite naturally, any website design company insists on making a website mobile-friendly so that you do not lose out on this ever-increasing group of internet users who…


Best Practices to Follow for Creating URL Structure

Best Practices to Follow for Creating URL Structure
September 18, 2013

Unless you have a proper URL structure, search engines will have a hard time finding your content in the first place. Broadly speaking, sites created with HTML have .htm or .html as the URL ending, and those with PHP (WordPress, for example), don’t. Whatever extension you prefer, make sure it remains constant throughout your site. What happens when you use different extensions for different pages? Well, a lot of confusion…