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Google Adwords Keyword Planner; Features and Impact on SEO

The backbone of any SEO initiative is keywords. These are basically words typed by surfers in their search engines like Google and Bing and marketing gurus make use of these very words to send surfers to the chosen websites. Google has introduced a new tool called AdWords Keyword Planner that requires changes in the way

Top 10 Useful Search Marketing Testing Tools for Free

Are you looking for free tools on Search Engine Optimization and online marketing?  If yes, check out these top ten search marketing testing tools that you can use for free. WooRank WooRank is an online marketing toolespecially created for small businesses.  It provides in-depth SEO reports, Social Media insights, SERP analysis, task manager, and continuous

Top 10 E-Mail Marketing Tools

Your e-mail marketing list is a powerful tool for making more money with your blog or generating more leads for your products or services. You can use it to build relationships with your customers and to increase your sales and conversions. However, you first need to choose the right e-mail marketing tools to help you

Interesting Google Search Tools You Don’t Know [Free]

Few people pay attention and even more uses search tools which there are in the most widely used search engine in the world. But these tools can benefit in helping figure out how Google really sees site.  For example, if you type anything in the search bar in, you’ll find these search tools below

43 jQuery Plugins for 2013

If you are searching for the best jQuery Plugins for 2013 then you have reached the right place as we have a great collection of jQuery plugins for designers and webmasters here. Check it out: FlareVideo FlareVideo is a small jQuery plugin that implements an HTML5 flash video player in your website. By default, it

5 Great Online Tools For Professional Marketers

Working as a professional marketer requires a dedication to the brand or business you are trying to grow. Learning all about target demographics and new tools available online will help you to gain a competitive edge when you are developing marketing campaigns or advertisements for individuals or businesses. Using online tools for professional marketers is

10 Fantastic Online Reputation Management Tools

The success of online reputation management process mainly depends on a proactive monitoring process as its effectiveness depends on in-time responses which again depend on proper placement of proactive monitoring system. Though continuous monitoring is required for proactive monitoring but manual monitoring may not be possible each time and for that reason an online reputation

6 Useful SEO Apps for the iPhone and iPad In 2013

iPhones and iPads are the most important devices that people are using every day. There are many new apps which are used by iPhone users in their daily life. Let us see some important apps that we can have in our iPhones and iPads for different purposes. 1) Google Analytics (Free) This is a free

Google Cache Checker Tool

Uploading fresh web content is one of very effective ways of getting high Google rankings. But  how do we know if Google really had crawled a website or does Google really know if a particular website exist? The answer for these questions is Google Cache Checker Tool. Following are some of the advantages of using

Top 12 Alternatives for Google Reader

Even since Google announced that they are cancelling their well-known reader service – Google Reader, people started looking for alternatives. Lucky for all those users of Reader, there are lots of other applications that might offer you the same service so that you can migrate pretty seamlessly without having any serious efforts. As a matter

Best SEO Apps for Android

The importance of Search engine optimization is felt by all, irrespective of the scale of business or diversity in the products or services offered. While a majority of the business is shifting its base to the online platform, there are still some that instantly wonder whether the World Wide Web is a genuine platform or

Pinterest Releases Web Analytics Tools To Help Businesses Understand Pinterest Usage

For now, Pinterest remains a free social image “pinning” network. Recently, Pinterest released it own, internally created, web analytics tool to allow businesses and content creators, who frequently use Pinterest, to better understand how their Pinterest usage translates into results. While Pinterest remains steadfast in its stance that Pinterest web analytics will always be free