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Facebook New Algorithm; What You Need to Know?

This post is about facebook new algorithm every webmaster should know about in order to get maximum exposure on number one social media today. So go ahead and check out the post below to know and implement it in a better way. Facebook New Algorithm; Know & Implement Practically   More for Facebook Advertising &

How to Get Most of Social Media Activity?

This post is about some techniques to get most of social media while utilizing less time. Using social media is becoming a fast trend amongst all age and interest groups. If you wish to get a good business out of easy practices on social media you need to track social media activity plus follow the

Practical Tips to Boost Brand Awareness through Social Media

In today’s digital world, every company is trying to get into the whole social media thing. Knowing that if they don’t, they will get left behind like broadsheets who are hanging on to their printed nature. Every company who wants to improve their brand image must learn how to utilize their social media accounts so

How To Build Twitter Backlinks For Advertisement?

Modern era is an era of technology and communication. Staying in touch with the near ones was never so easy. Recent survey shows that more than half of the people-using internet has accounts in one or the other social networking sites. This is a proof of how fast the social media is expanding in the

Best Tools to Personalize Facebook Timeline Cover

Facebook, the social networking giant offers a great platform to engage with customers/fans, popularize products and establish brands quickly and effectively. This task is typically achieved through pages. A page consists of several elements; prominent among them is the timeline, cover photo, profile picture and various interactive tabs. It also boasts a button, called “Like”

How To Use Social Media to Find the Best Office Products?

In order to build your office, you need the right supplies, but locating the perfect furniture and organizational tools you will need to create a balanced and inspiring room to work in can certainly be quite difficult and time consuming. Therefore, when it comes to planning out your office room, whether you work out of

Facebook Launches New Search Tool for News Organizations

Facebook is about to launch a few new search tools which main goal will be to help various organizations to figure out what all users are interested in. Basically, those tools are expected to become one of the favorite tools of marketers because it will allow them to look for topics of interest and determine

Relationship between SEO and Social Media Backlinks [Infographic]

Social media has become a powerful tool today not only for communication but for brand building and search engine optimization as well. Webmasters are focusing on developing strong social media presence today to boost their SEO efforts and promote their products and services. If you want to understand the relationship between SEO and social media

Effective Tips to Market Your Brand on Social Media

Today each one of us is a part of this wonderful phenomenon called the Social Media.  9 out of 10 people are active on various social networking websites and a person’s entire personality can be derived from his profiles in them. That is the power this infinite media carries with it. Social Media Marketing has