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What Do You Need to Accomplish When Creating a Website?

Creating a website is not just about throwing a web presence together, so that you have some sort of global public face. If your website does not work for you, and help you achieve your aims, there is little point in it being there. You need to ensure that you have goals in mind when

The Influence of Fonts; How to Choose the Right One?

There are plenty of factors that go into choosing a font. Much of it comes from your feelings regarding design and the brand of the website or product you are designing for. Fonts obviously have an influence as they are part of the communication process. Here are a few snippets of information regarding fonts and

John Wick: Chapter 2(2017)

WATCH NOW Quality : HDTitle : John Wick: Chapter 2Director : Chad Stahelski.Writer : Release : 2017-02-08Language : English.Runtime : 122 min.Genre : Thriller, Action, Crime. Synopsis : Movie ‘John Wick: Chapter 2’ was released in February 8, 2017 in genre Thriller. Chad Stahelski was directed this movie and starring by Keanu Reeves. This movie

Ways to Turn Wikipedia Pages into Ebooks

Today almost everyone is info-phobic and online knowledge seekers are increasing day-by-day. There are many online forums, web encyclopedias and many sites with vast variety of reading material that is attracting people at every second. One of these sites is Wikipedia; the high-rated and favorite web encyclopedia. The reading material is based on a large

Best Practices of Responsive Web Design [Infographic]

Mobile searchers are increasing rapidly and in this context it is necessary that our website should be design in such way that helps mobile users.Responsive website design helps a lot in this regard. Infact I would like share a truth that responsive design is no longer an option, it’s an need(barring exceptions). This infographic reveals

Website Migration Guide – Tips for SEO

If a migration is absolutely necessary for your website, then you should do everything that is possible to reduce the ranking drops your site is about to experience. There really is no way to make sure that your website stays exactly where it is, it just all depends on what exactly you are changing on

Awesome Web Design Trends Companies Should Watch!

Web design these days has the ability to make or break mobile and web startups. As the trends keep changing every year, one cannot be clear about how to enhance the web design and stay connected through the mobile. First a web developer and business need to be clear about what exactly they’re expecting from

Best Practices to Follow for Creating URL Structure

Unless you have a proper URL structure, search engines will have a hard time finding your content in the first place. Broadly speaking, sites created with HTML have .htm or .html as the URL ending, and those with PHP (WordPress, for example), don’t. Whatever extension you prefer, make sure it remains constant throughout your site.

40+ Web Design Mistakes Must Not be Overlooked

Web design is a creative art and trivial mistakes can hurt its quality and approach. Though today the use of popular CMSs have made it very simple to create quality websites within few minutes but still webmasters are making serious mistakes they must avoid to have successful online presence for longer time period. Here we

How to Build a Free Website within an Hour?

Websites are essential elements for every business no matter how big or small. Some find websites as a medium for revenue generation while some use websites for educating audiences about their services. Online presence is necessary for any business to succeed. Before building a website one needs to have clear understanding of how the website

Technical Guidelines to Attract Search Engines

Every webmaster want to attract search engines to get higher ranking but only few achieve this goal. The actual difference lies in efforts and technical guidelines needs to be followed to attract search engine spiders easily. Here in this post we’ll discuss some important technical guidelines to attract search engines towards your site to get

Design and Content Guidelines to Create Quality Websites

If you are looking for design and content guidelines you should follow to make a quality site with nothing wrong with its design and content quality then you must have a look at following guidelines specified by Google itself. 1- Use Transparent Hierarchy and Text Links Use transparent hierarchy and text links while designing the