How To Check If Your Website Is SEO Friendly?

Every blogger wants to see his website popular among readers, successful and SEO friendly. The quality of a website is easy to evaluate according to certain parameters: its look, structure, messages, means used for its work, and its attractiveness.  So, if we want to check how SEO friendly our website or blog is, we should consider all following options.


How a Website Looks?

A website’s look is judged by fonts, formats and colors used. First of all, it is important whether the font is suitable for web filling and whether it is legible enough. Analyzing the text, pay attention to sufficient contrast between a font and a background color, as well as a sufficient number of text selection for the user (bold, underlined, italic etc). The line must be of a certain length, not too long and not too short as well.  The availability of sufficient spaces that surround a text and graphics is also important when it comes to analyzing. The color should match the specific purpose and be designed for a specific audience.

What Structure a Website has?

Such options as navigation type, and a value of additional navigating types to support a user play a very important role in analyzing. Also the structure of the site and the possibility of “intuitive” navigation are taken into account, as well as how a relationship and hierarchy are organized. You can also see how to make your website mobile friendly?

We need to consider an appropriate hypertext, frames, multimedia, audio, and video. Each site has its own audience, and sometimes a lot of media is good for one site, but it doesn’t suit the others.  Just take into account the integrity constraints for a user, such as load time, a page content, a browser version, hardware platforms, and a connection speed in particular.


A site content plays the most part here probably, because if a user does not find the information he needs, he won’t come to this website again. That is why the content should be complete and adequate, accurate and timely, and a website should have its own style of the content. A website content should be clear to its audience, as well as consumers must have some knowledge to understand the text. For example, if this is a website about essay writing services, visitors should understand what they’ll find there at once they visit it.

How Attractive Our Website is in General?

The attraction includes the following factors:  a difficulty level  for the audience; a website interface support; a relevant information related to users’ interests and motivations, users’ executes of their objectives; users’ return to the site. A site may contain cultural differences too, as well as special access for people with disabilities, including those with low vision, hearing, or mobility.

Taking into account all factors mentioned above, you’ll be able to make your website or blog really SEO-friendly and successful. Never give up, and your readers and customers will find you.