Complete Weekly SEO Plan For Web Success

As well as running websites and doing SEO, I am also an amateur bodybuilder. To turn this hobby into a money making venture, I also offer custom-made workouts for cash. People come to me with orders because they like the idea of being able to have someone else come up with a plan for them that will help them to get what they want. All they have to do is to follow the program I give them precisely, and by the end of it they will have the body they’ve always dreamed of. If only everything were so simple…

It struck me then, that something like this would be highly useful in the world of SEO. We all want our websites to be more successful, we all want more exposure and more visitors, but we don’t necessarily know how to go about this. If only someone would write us a program for web success and we could just follow it.

Well then… here you go.

Your Weekly SEO Plan for Web Success

Here is the weekly SEO plan you need to follow for real web success:

Day 1: Content Writing (5x Articles)

Content writing is the most important part of any website, so it’s crucial that this be a focus of your site. Write five articles for your own site, and then publish them throughout the week. Make sure they are well researched and well written, and that they are all nicely decorated with images and nice quotes. Do all this today, then all you have to do is to click ‘upload’ later on. Upload one today.

Day 2: Link Building (3x Links)

Today you are going to write two more articles and submit them to two big blogs that accept guest posts. You should also find one other site on the net where you can get a link and find a way to post it there. This is what will help you to build an organic and natural looking profile. Sites might include those with links sections, those with forums you can post in etc. Some might require a little ‘buttering up’ first.

Day 3: Site Improvement (1.5 Hours)

Today you are going to tinker with your site and try to find ways you can improve it. Hunt for dead links and add in different features/graphics. Ideally you will find new features to add to your site to make it better and note worthy. If possible you can then write press releases explaining to other sites what you are doing.

Day 4: Rest (1x Article)

Everyone needs a day off, so take some well-earned rest. However, do keep an eye on the news in your niche. If something big has happened in the week you shouldn’t wait until Monday to cover it – now is the perfect time.

Day 5: Social Media Marketing (1.5 Hours)

Today you are going to try and put in the ground work to push your site through social media. This means posting links with wonderfully crafted titles, but it also means just using them and chatting/making new contacts by adding people.

Day 6: Rest (Research)

Another restful day, but you could also spend some time researching. This means researching topics for next week, as well as looking at the market and the competition to see what they’re doing. Ideally you will be able to find some sites to link on by looking at where your competition are posting them and then ‘borrowing’ the idea.

Now rinse and repeat! Don’t worry about long term goals, just follow this strategy and before you know it you’ll be riding high.