How to Create Personalized Maps with Google Maps?

With the advancement of cellular technology, it has now become rather easier to sync more services with our mobile phones. In the persuasion of such efforts, you can now create your own personalized maps using “My Map” feature of Google Maps. This special feature enables you to add anything of your choice and embed links in your map. You can add annotations in HTML as descriptions for locations and can add placemarks, images, videos etc. Also you can draw lines to show street routes and make it easily understandable for everyone. You can also add shades to places and shapes to highlight different locations. The good thing about this feature is that you can share your personalized map with your friends or make it searchable and accessible to general public.

 Create Personalized Maps with Google Maps 

Steps to Follow to Create Personalized Maps with Google Maps

1.  In main menu, go to Google Maps and select “My Map” link which will be next to the “Get Directions” link. Under this, click on “Create New Map” link.

2.   Here you can assign a title and give description to your map. In the same tab, you can also specify whether you want to keep your map private or would like to make it publicly searchable. This information can be changed afterwards as per your choice.

3.  Next you can add placemarks. Click on “Placemark” button and then click on the location on map which needs to be marked. When a placemark is added, a balloon will appear in which you can add title or description. This can be formatted, by changing the font or adding pictures and images, by selecting “Rich text” and you can also embed video links by clicking “Edit HTML”.

4. You can further add lines to your map, put titles and give descriptions to them. For this click on “Drawing” button and then select either “Draw a line” or “Draw A Line Along Road”. Now select the point from where you want to start the line and end it by double clicking. You can also change or delete these lines if you feel that they don’t look good.

5.  Under the “Drawing” button you will see a tab of “Draw a Shape”. With this option you can add free-form shapes and add titles and descriptions to them. After selecting “Draw A Shape” click on the map to set the points for the shape and then double-click to give the last point. Shapes are used to highlight an area rather than a specific location.

Additional Tips for Creating Personalized Maps

1.  Your map accepts changes and alterations at any time so click on “Done” when you are finished adding information and items in it. You can come back again when you feel to change or add anything in your map.

2.  It will look good if you will select “Draw A Line Along Road” and assign lines to the street routes in your map.

3.  If you prefer, then make your map unlisted while you are creating it and when finished you can make it publicly searchable.