Do You Wish to Make Your Site Mobile Friendly? 10+ Tips to Read On

Everybody owns a Smartphone these days, which somewhat explains why mobile friendly websites are increasingly becoming the norm of the day. Several studies reveal that around 60 to 80% of web users now check websites and access their mails from their mobile devices. Quite naturally, any website design company insists on making a website mobile-friendly so that you do not lose out on this ever-increasing group of internet users who can be your prospective customers as well.

Make Your Site Mobile Friendly


If you already have a site, you can adopt some methods in order to make your site mobile friendly and thus easily accessible from smartphones and tablets. Here’s how:

Minimalism Always Works

Try simplifying the design of your site and improving its fonts so that it can be easily read on a mobile screen. Ideally, bigger fonts should be used and the most important information or message you wish to convey to your visitors should be put on top of your web page.

Use Appropriately-Sized Website Elements

In order to make a page mobile-friendly, buttons and other important elements ought to be used of a suitable size. If your buttons are smaller than usual and are therefore not capable of accommodating a fat finger, it can annoy your visitor, especially when they continue to press the wrong button.

Come up with a Mobile Sub-domain for Your Site

It is a sensible idea to design a mobile version of your website by coming up with a mobile sub-domain for it. Your main domain could be accessed from your control panel through your host provider. Creating a sub-domain is very easy; only the ‘www’ needs to be replaced with mobile on your domain name. For example, if is your domain name, your sub-domain will naturally be The sub-domain should point back to your domain name.

Make Use of Plugins

If you have a WordPress site, you are extremely lucky because this platform offers a number of plugins which can make your site mobile-friendly.

Go for Adaptive Design

This is a technique that is used by many a website design company. The benefit of an adaptive design is that it alters the display of the site automatically as per the size of the screen where it is viewed. A particular size of a web page is then generated, that is most suitable for the screen of the device to ensure superior viewing.

Responsive Design is the Key

A responsive design ensures minimum resizing and scrolling on the part of users. Even when the viewing of your site is downsized from a full screen to that of a smaller size, it does not affect the design in any way.

Cut Down on Images

Do not use too many images in your site; instead, focus on content. If images are really necessary, make sure their size is such that a mobile screen can accommodate them easily. Heavy graphics should also be avoided as it may increase website loading time for mobile viewing considerably.

Content Structures are Important Too

While writing content, special care should be taken so as to avoid additional white space. Readers may find it annoying to read content crowded with white space because of the small size of the mobile screen.

Say No to Flash

Flash is not supported by all mobile technologies. Thus, if your site is high on Flash, some users may face loading issues while trying to access it. If you cannot do without it, use it minimally at least.

Ensure Ease of Navigation

A site which can be navigated easily when accessed via Smartphones appeals more to web users.

Stay Away from Hover Elements

Hover elements are recommended when a site is to be primarily viewed from a desktop but they are a strict no-no when it comes to mobile viewing. This is because in the latter case, they can get lost easily. For this reason, you should opt for clickable elements rather than hover ones.

Index Your Site for Mobile Browsing

A mobile site map ought to be created for your site in order to enable Google as well as other search engines to index your mobile web page easily.

Adopting these techniques can help you optimize your website for mobile-viewing. If you are not sure of accomplishing all these flawlessly, you can hire a professional website design company for the purpose.