Easy Ways to Detect Plagiarism Successfully

Plagiarism is when someone copies your content and then publishes it with his own name. It is a very common practice which has become much easier due to internet technology around the world today. But in the same way, with the help of internet it is very easy even to detect the plagiarism. Although you cannot do much to stop someone from copying your stuff but you can take help from many online tools available to furrow out the sites who stole your work. Here we have discussed the easy ways to detect plagiarism through which you can see who is copying your content and where is he publishing it.

1- Copy and Paste Text in Double Quotes in Search Engine

One way is to search via the search engine. For which just pick up an 8 to 12 words log phrase from your piece of work which need to be checked. Then paste it into all the major search engines with double quotation marks around and check for the results. Now go through the phrases containing your phrase to check whether it’s your copied work or not.

2. Use Free or Paid Online Services to Detect Plagiarism

You can also use several plagiarism detecting services which include Turnitin and Copyscape etc. via these sites you can check which of your work is being imitated by searching through the URL or the piece of text from your  work. They are all free up to a limited extent. However the premium users can get the benefit of unlimited searches and accurate outcomes.

You can also check for your plagiarized content from your page or website via the search engine Blekko. Here enter into a free registration. Once you are done, just log in and then paste your website URL then space and command “/domainduptext”. Similarly you can also check the plagiarism of a page. Write the page’s full address followed by the command “/duptext”. As a result you’ll get the number of sites or pages having duplicates from your site or page if your work is being copied. You can click on the site to see scraps of your copied work.

2- Through Google Alerts

* Go to the Google alert website then type your name or paste a unique phrase from your work into the double quotation marks and check the results. Don’t forget to use double quotes here for correct results.

* In the Result Type menu select “everything” to see all the available results instead of just choosing the best results.

*Now provide your email address and specify how often you wish to get the report. When you are done with all the alert settings you can click on “create alert”. Now Google will send you alerts whenever it detects sites having phrases matching with your alert terms. So in this way you set alerts from google for your content and then rest to see when your content will be copied and where it will be published by anyone reading your content online. We know that google is also taking strict measures against plagiarism so such kind of arrangement can keep you from worries people often has due to illegal copying and publishing of their content online.

So it’s true that plagiarism is an issue but it can easily be detected by following aforementioned methods and can be discouraged as mush as possible by taking necessary measures.