Effective Ways to Drive Social Media Traffic

Visitors which a website gets from search engines is the most wanted traffic for any website. Web 2.0 is another option if you want to get traffic. These websites provide not just the reading material but they are really interactive too. A lot of websites are emerging, which allow their users to create content, and share their things with their social network. It is also known as social web and people who join these websites from different sources are called as social traffic.

This kind of traffic is significant for search engine optimization, as it attracts selected users. Links are created in different manners and accessed by the interested users only. Here we are mentioning few social media sites.

social media traffic ways

1. Social Bookmarking

You can see some small button, when an article ends. These are not just buttons but fast links to social websites. One click can promote your website. Quick backlinks are provided by these social bookmarks and you can easily link your pages.

It’s not just the fastest way to get backlinks but you can share your pages too. You can find many bookmarking sites, but Diigo, StumbleUpon and Delicious are the most popular ones.

2. Social News

The focus of this kind of sites is on the promotion of articles. We can take the example of Digg and Newsvine in this regard. These websites work as users share articles with each other. A voting system is used for the promotion of these articles. On the other hand, unpopular articles do not get much attention in this way. Many other websites are also available, like Squidoo and Technorati, where users can add their content.

3. Social Networking

These websites are the platforms, which people really socialize. We can take the example of Facebook, which is very popular social networking website and a large number of people use it daily. Sharing of different information is really easy with these websites, so the promotion of a website is really easy. You can get some buttons, and a single click will allow you to share all your information with your friends. You can easily create your fan page too, which will be connected to your website.

4. Microblogging

This is one more option to get connected with your potential users. A little effort is required in micro-blogging if we compare it with blogging. It is easier than maintaining a profile. You have to provide your links in hidden way. For instance, when you are posting a video link, you can give the URL of your website too. It will definitely drive traffic from these sites towards yours.

Though the list of tips to get social traffic can be very long but these are the best ways to drive social traffic towards your site successfully.