External Links Building: An Effective SEO Method

Search Engine Optimization aims towards improving your webpage’s visibility in search engine rankings. There are quite a few methods one can employ to ensure the former but most of the time just mainstream SEO techniques are not enough to keep you up in the rankings, Google and other search engines revise their ranking criteria from time to time so it just goes to show that an SEO strategy that works effectively right now might not turn out to be so effective after six months.

Effective SEO Method

The Importance of External Links

One of the lasting methods that hold permanent merit as SEO techniques is external link building. External links can be posted on your webpages to link them with other websites that pertain to the some kind of content being marketed on your own page. By adding links from other websites might also give you backlinks from these websites too so your web traffic increases. There are other methods like e-mail marketing, pay per click, and search media optimization too but for the purpose of this article we are only discussing the importance of Link Building.

Strategic Placement of Links Vs Bulk Usage

It is important to note that any link building strategy may easily backfire if you aim to post too many links on the same page or within a very short period of time. Search engines make use of complex algorithms to sort out quality pages from the useless bulk which crowds the web every day. So the best method is to take a careful route of selecting quality links of good websites that provide authentic content similar to the stuff you post on your own website. Proper link building strategies can also give you Backlinks too which is an added benefit.  Backlinks occur when webmasters of websites that you have linked in your webpage find your page to be viable too, so they may include links on their content which directs users to your page, thus boosting your traffic in turn. It always pays off to utilize legitimate means of link building and other SEOs because Black Hat methods work temporarily and the search engine will eventually remove your page from its ranking.

Quality Content is a Must

Link Building is important, but the essential thing to consider is that before inserting links to other websites you must also see to it that your content is authentic and relevant. It is estimated that an average internet user spends around 5-7 seconds on a webpage, during which he decides whether the page is interesting enough to stay or leave and go to another page. The chief goal for any content (apart from providing links) is to keep the user enticed during the first 7 seconds, after which he will eventually decide to skim over the page in a bit of detail instead of absently scrolling and going away. Your links won’t do you much good if the user doesn’t read your page through to the end.

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