Facebook Hashtags Impact on SEO Game

According to one of the latest updates on the SEO journal, if there is a group of people who should be really excited by the latest add-on to Facebook – the usage of hashtag, then this group of people should be the SEO experts. Thanks to the ability of the hasthag people can now easily talk about their favorite things and refer to them by simply putting # followed by the thing they are currently talking about. Let’s see the facebook hastags impact on seo.

Hashtags are actually another powerful tool that will be added to the “arsenal” of SEO experts, and if there is something those people love most – then this is new ways to improve the rank of their websites, well, # will give them this opportunity, followed by many new potential clients.

facebook hashtags impact on seo

According to one of the highly respected SEO experts in Australia, the hashtag will play a very significant role in the online promotions. The # will encourage clients to communicate with other people with similar interests and engage them with new, potential customers who have relevant interests.

The hashtag might be one of the reasons because of which Facebook decided it would be better to cut off the financing of some of their programs for advertising, sponsored stories and so on. If used smartly, the hashtags would not irritate all those users who user the social network on regular basis, on the contrary, it will help companies build seamlessly the bridge between them and new customers.

According to other SEO experts, sooner or later Facebook will try to monetize the hashtag option through different partnerships, just like Twitter did. However, Facebook’s hashtag will work a bit differently than Twitter’s. We can expect new features to be revealed in the next couple of months and we guess that the # functionality will only get enhanced and used by more and more people.